SyrPer can confirm that one of the leaders in the rat Nusra organization inside Yabrood, Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwayti, has been killed by Syrian Army Special Forces in Al-Qaami’iyya Quarter.  He was the one responsible for the kidnapped Orthodox nuns from St. Thekla Monastery in Ma’loolaa.  His father is Kuwaiti and his mother is from the Qalamoon.  He pocketed a neat million out of the 16 million paid by the Qatari monkeys for the release of the nuns.  But, instead of staying in the Lebanon and enjoying his ill-gotten gains, he was forced to return to Yabrood via an indirect route around Faleeta because he forgot his collection of Hustler Magazines in his 3-story home.

According to sources in the Mercury News Service, he was killed by Corporal Avedis Elmassian of the Syrian SF with a bayonet.  Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwayti was blowing his nose into his shirttail when he felt the cold blade enter his spinal column all the way to his sternum where it stopped close to the triggering mechanism of the explosive belt .  He reportedly turned around and spoke his second-to-last words to Cpl. Elmassian: “I have no Kleenex”.  Then he fell to the ground and sighed his very last words: “Tell Sister Pelagia…..I love her.”  Gasp. In Oblivio Requiescat. 

تدمير سيارتين محملتين بالأسلحة في داريا.. ومقتل عدد من إرهابيي

All kidding aside, the SAA has deployed a new multiplier of power around Yabrood, to wit, electronic jamming which suppresses communications or permits MI operators to interject into calls.  Thus, a typical communication between rats might sound like this:

ABU DUMDUM AL-SA’OODI:  How is your situation?

ABU QIRD AL-LEEBI:  Gee, I coulda had a V-8.

ABU DUMDUM:  My vulture is better than yours.

ABU-QIRD:  My hovercraft is filled with eels.

And so forth.

الجيش السوري يصل الى عمق مدينة يبرود‎

Monzer reports that the SAA has been ordered to offer no quarter to the rats unless white flags are first seen, the surrendering rats come out without any shirts (to insure no explosive belts) and must throw away all weapons.  Absent that, the SAA is under orders to kill them all regardless of nationality.

The entry into Yabrood was accomplished first from the East side after a pounding with Howitzers from the hills surrounding the town and from Reemaa Farms.  This was followed by a sudden injection of Special Forces whose primary role was to take out snipers and Kornet anti-tank operators.  After that, they were to hold positions as Shilkas and T-72 tanks belonging to the Republican Guard poured in.  Monzer writes that there are hundreds of rat carcasses all over the eastern part of the town which he thinks was mostly caused by air attacks.

The second part of the attack came from the North where tank battalions literally crashed into the targets.

I will have more news as it comes in today. ZAF









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