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Tuscon, Arizona:  It’s official, John “Screwball” McCain has declared his intention to join the International Pro Wrestling Union (IPWU) and become a “team wrestler”.  Mr. McCain, seen above in an approved photo, squats at the far right just before vomiting into his outfit.  He is preceded by four of his team from l to r: Mordred Raskalnikoff, Abu Sakkaar “The Cannibal, Tom Blagoyevitch and “Bandar the Beast”.


Ra`s Al-‘Ayn:  SAA uncovered a large factory making IEDs and car bombs.  The cars all had Lebanese license plates.  We want to thank the Saudi ape regime for all the nice explosives which we are going to use against the Saudi ape regime:

العثور على معمل للعبوات الناسفة وسيارات مفخخة تحمل لوحات لبنانية في رأس العين


Rankoos:  About to fall.  Matter of hours.


Children in the Qalamoon, at Ra`s Al-‘Ayn, celebrate their liberation from the filthy bearded cannibal army sent by Saudi Arabia and Obama:

Photo: Syrian Children celebrating the SAA bringing back stability and security to their village in Ras al-Ein, Qalamoon.</p><br /><br />
<p>Syrian Arab Army


Al-Hissn-Waadi Khaaled area: As our readers know, the SAA liberated Al-Hissn yesterday killing many rats inside the town.  But, some did manage to sneak out.  SyrPer has received reports that a group from the J.N. lost 11 of its litter-mates in an ambush at Rajm Hussayn/Al-Haaj Nadeem after fierce fighting. The ambush was accomplished by vectoring the rodents toward a killing zone where artillery finished them off.  This occurred at dawn, Damascus time.

In another attempted escape near Bisaas, 19 J.N. rats were killed and 45 rats were wounded trying to escape into the Lebanon.

In the case of the rats at Bisaas, captured specimens admitted that the group had planned to jump ship and leave the whole “jihad” idea behind because of constant internal fighting.  This group had many Saudis, Kuwaitis and Tunisians.

Syrian troops hold a position during fighting against militants in the town of Zara, in the province of Homs, on March 8, 2014.

Syrian troops survey the area around Al-Zaara after liberating it. You can tell the one on the left is an officer by his paunch.

Also at Waadi ‘Ajram, 17 rats arrived dead and 41 wounded after huge losses in Al-Hissn.  Lebanese observers claim the dead were caused by the SAAF’s barrel bombs.

Khirbat Yooneen: 2 more airstrikes followed by another 4 killed an undisclosed number of rats in Lebanon.

A battle with escaping rodents at the Khatt Al-Bitrool (The Petrol Line) in northern Lebanon in ‘Akkaar resulted in a firefight with SAA/NDF on the Nahr Al-Kabeer River near Biqaayaa which the rodents were trying to forge. At this battle, 20 rats were spirited off to clinics in Al-Qubayyaat.  Some are not expected to survive.

Waadi Khaaled: 17 rodents from the Al-Hissn disaster were taken by the Red Cross to hospitals here. No details.

Syrian Perspective can assure its readers that the entire Waadi Khaaled entry-point has been closed off hermetically.  You will rarely hear of any more incursions into this area.  The battle is finished.  Now the Lebanese have to confront their mismanaged “dissociation” policies on their own.

Elypse sends us this photo of a new Syrian Army battering “Ram” for the Krak de Chevaliers, get it?


Jannat Al-Quraa (The most heavenly of villages):  On the Areeha-Latakia Road, an attempted infiltration into an area controlled by an SAA outpost was disastrous for rodents.  5 were killed with the others escaping:

Khaaled Fawwaaz ‘Affaara

Muneeb Saaleh Al-Jamal

The other 3 could not be identified.


More intense fighting reported here:  Al-Mawzana, Tal Ghazaal, Binnish, Saraaqeb, Bikfaloon Wall, Qastoon, Al-Ziyaadiyya, Raam Hamdaan, Ma’rrat-Masreen, Kafr Yahmool, Ma’arrbaleet.



تدمير خمس سيارات بمن فيها من إرهابيين وأسلحة وذخيرة في ريف دير الزور

Al-Bu’Umar:  A flatbed with 23mm cannon destroyed.

A-Hameediyya:  13 confirmed rat deaths:

Haadi Hassoona

Jaaber Muhammad Al-Ballaat

‘Udayy Hassan Al-Sharabaati

The rest of these ISIS rats were not Syrian and did not carry papers.

Fighting reported in Shaykh Yaaseen, Al-Jubayla, Al-Sinaa’ah, Al-Huwayqa in the city.  These were identified by SANA:

Thaamer Al-Saayel

Maajed Al-Kaati’

Sameer Junayd

ALEPPO:   Lots of fighting as SAA intensifies assaults on rat groupings in the north of the city.  Note also that reports are coming in of hundreds of rodents leaving both south Turkey and northern Syria for their home countries.  The Financial Times has reported this.

Old City, Al-Saakhoor, Jandool Roundabout, Industrial Zone NW, Al-Judayda, Castillo, Prison Area, ‘Azzaan, Kafr Hamra, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbuh, Rasm Al-‘Abbood, Kuwayris, Faaseen, Baab Al-Nayrab, Al-Zabadiyya, al-Hameema, Maari’, Tal Rif’aat, Baabees, Bani Zayd, Huraytaan, Al-‘Uwayja and ‘Irbeed.



Tony Cartalucci’s magnificent pen lays bare the new hypocrisies:

Counterpunch counters the long-held belief that revolution could not unseat the apes of Arabia:

I hope the people of Britain will send a message to Cameron’s junta not to mess with the Bear:

Read this article carefully about how propaganda works in the West. Jamal Ma’roof is a war profiteer and a war criminal.  His destiny is black:

Fadi sends this article by our hero, Brandon Turbeville, lambasting the hypocrites of the State Dept. for the actions taken against Syria in the U.S.:

CIAMI6 sends this PressTV article laying out the fears that people should have when supported by the U.S. and its allies:



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