Just when you thought it would be safe to breathe the air, John Forbes Kerry, notorious bearer of blight, bi-polar psychotic, Edmund Muskie clone and war criminal astounds you with another trompe l’oeil expertly designed to give you the trauma of the century.  To replace the humiliated CIA spook-cum-diplobabbler, Robert Ford, whose antics in Syria included  “outing” every Syrian traitor and seditionist (earning him SyrPer’s Egon Krenz/Markus Wolf Stasi Award for 2011), Mr. Kerry announced the following:


Secretary Kerry: March 2014 » Announcement of U.S. Special Envoy for Syria

Announcement of U.S. Special Envoy for Syria

Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 17, 2014

Daniel Rubinstein will be an outstanding successor to Ambassador Robert Ford as the U.S. Special Envoy for Syria.

This position is as important as it is challenging. Like Robert, Daniel is a Senior Foreign Service officer who speaks fluent Arabic and is widely respected in the region. It’s more than fair to say that he is among our government’s foremost experts on the Middle East and has served with distinction in some of our most challenging and high profile regional Missions, including Damascus. Wherever he’s served — from Jerusalem to Amman, from Baghdad to Tel Aviv, from Tunis, to the Sinai, and most recently back in Washington in the INR Bureau where I was reacquainted with him — Daniel has excelled.

There’s no denying the tough challenge that Syria represents for any diplomat. We’re entering the fourth year of a bloody and brutal conflict that’s wrecked havoc on the country, its people, and the region. Special Envoy Rubinstein’s leadership and counsel will be vital as we redouble our efforts to support the moderate opposition, shore up our partners, counter the rise of extremism that threatens us all, and address the devastating humanitarian crisis and its impact on the neighboring states. Special Envoy Rubinstein will travel to the region later this month to begin consultations with Syrians and others seeking an end to the slaughter and a different kind of future.


Let’s overlook the terrible syntactic errors, such as “wrecked havoc” instead of the proper “wreaked havoc”, and the like, which only shows to go ya that American diplomacy is now at rock bottom – not Foggy Bottom – and study the inelegant, nay, goofy assertions in the announcement:

1.  ……”support the moderate opposition”.  If this means supporting the same lice favored by Saudi Arabia, then, that means “moderate” is just a synonym for “pimp”, (read: Jarbaa) or “pedophile” (read: George Sabra) or communist (read: Michel Kilo) or peg-legged (read: Riyaadh Al-As’ad) or just stupid (read: Ghassan Hitto).  Or maybe it just means useless (read: Salim Idrees).  Syrians don’t want America’s idea of a moderate opposition.  Syrians want an opposition that lives in Syria – not in shabby European or Turkish hotels.

2.  “……..shore up our partners”.  You mean the U.S. has partners in the disaster it has caused in Syria?  You bet your bippy. And the partners are exactly what you would expect: the most reactionary, conformist, addle-brained, oppressive regimes ever to exist on the surface of planet Earth.  So much for the partners.

3.  “……counter the rise of extremism”.  You mean counter the rise of the same terrorists, cannibals and decapitators the U.S. has been funding, arming, training and protecting for 3 years?  Please note, that Jabhat Al-Nusra commander, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, has been removed from the list of wanted terrorists by the State Department.  Is this the rat who is going to lead the war against extremism?  Haar dee haar haar.

4.  “…….address the devastating humanitarian crisis”.  What? Does Kerry mean?…..the same crisis created by the U.S. in Syria?  Nicht Schuldig? 

Besides the fatuous claim that Rubinstein is “fluent” in Arabic, Kerry’s announcement is as notable for what it does not mention: Rubenstein was a Principal Assistant Secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research.  Now you know what that means, don’t you?  What a joke.  He was also a Consul General and Chief of Mission at the U.S. consulate in Zionist-occupied Palestine from 2009-2012 where he honed his skills as a spy with the Mossad. He also worked as Chief of Mission in Hashemite-occupied Southern Syria from 2005-2008.  He was Director of the Office of Zionist and Palestinian Affairs from 2004-2005.

Syrian Perspective is warning the Syrian government about this new wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He is a Zionist belonging to the Neo-Con movement which has brought nothing but misery to Americans.  Their treason is a matter of record, documented by James Bamford in his book, Pretext for War, and alluded to many times by American patriot and theoretician, Pat Buchanan.  The Syrian government must not permit this terrorist-supporter into Damascus at any time.

Photo of Daniel Rubinstein

(State Dept. Photo)

Rubinstein fancies himself a Sephardic Jew (a la Nigella Lawson) and makes efforts to Levanticize his appearance, what with a goatee to please the child molesters of Arabia and their pet monkeys in the “royal” family.  What Kerry, however, cannot alter is the fact that between Robert Ford and this new appointee is only a scoche, more or less, of religion. Happy Purim, Rubinstein. ZAF










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