DAMASCUS:  We already told our readers that the nuns had been held in Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwaiti’s home in Yabrood.  The nuns were moved to another home belonging to a George Haswaani, a Christian local businessman, who had strong ties to the Syrian government, in an attempt to demonstrate a willingness to negotiate their release.  A few days before they were taken to an area between Yabrood and Faleeta, they were separated and lodged in different homes as the SAA got closer to the area where Haswaani’s house was located.  It has been learned that the nuns were then allowed to cross into Lebanon where the deal to release them would be complete upon payment of money from the Qatari government and release of a number of females in Syrian jails.

On the Lebanese side, the officer who was in charge of negotiating the release of the nuns was Major General ‘Abbaas Ibraaheem, Chief of the Lebanese General Security Directorate.  That President Assad gave the nuns’ security and freedom the most critical priority is demonstrated by his agreeing to the appointment of a Lebanese security officer who was as highly placed as Gen. Ibraaheem. (The Syrian intelligence and military institutions were averse to the negotiations, just like SyrPer).  The negotiations for the nuns’ release had been going on for more than 3 months with the rodents more recently taking notice of the huge military build-up around Yabrood.

Monzer reports that Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwaiti was convinced that he would never be allowed to return to Syria except to hang by the neck and that his family building in Yabrood would be lost to the state as part of a post-bellum reparations program.  His negotiations were conducted mostly without the knowledge of the town’s chief terrorist who remains there, Abu Maalek Al-Sa’oodi.   It has also been reported that Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani had the biggest role in the negotiations – he now enjoying non-terrorist status thanks to the United States and its endless hypocrisies.

The negotiations were tense during the last 6 days when a deal, brokered largely by the Lebanese and Qatari governments, was struck.  The only problem was another commander, Abu Yazan’s  constant wavering.  At first he insisted on a large sum of money and the release of 1,000 members of the Nusra group.  Syria’s government rejected the offer because, in the list submitted by the rats, there were hundreds of terrorists who had committed violent crimes. Also, many names on the list did not match records of the Syrian government. Furthermore, Syria’s policy was to pay nothing to terrorists.  It was a non-starter.

Moreover, the Syrian government security and military establishments had nixed several offers by the rat terrorists concerning inclusion of persons deemed “extremely dangerous” or “non-Syrian”.  One such person was an Iraqi woman by the name of Sajaa Al-Dulaymi and her 3 rat children.  She was, by the way, Al-Qaeda-linked by marriage.

An agreement was only reached after the rats and their hostages reached Lebanon at Jurood ‘Arsaal.  Here, the Syrian government received a final offer from Abu Yazan for the release of about 150 females in Syrian jails and the payment by Qatar of 16 million dollars.  Qatar jumped at the offer and agreed.  The money was readied for  delivery by agents of the Lebanese General Security Services with money taken from the Banque Du Liban.   The deal had all the looks of a drug transaction – briefcases filled with cash, and all.

All told, only 72 women were released.  All others listed by the rats were not in custody.  Here are some of the names:

Ruwayda Kan’aan, Qamar Al-Khateeb, Randa Al-Haaj-‘Awwaad, Zahiyya ‘Abdul-Nabiy, Yasmeen Al-Balashi, Dalaal Al-Kurdi, Hooriyya ‘Ayyaash, Hanaadi Al-Hussayn, Majdooleen Al-Baayer.

I will not comment about the contemptible remarks made by the Mother Superior, Pellagia Sayyaaf, thanking Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwayti or any other rats for their “humane treatment”.  This scag is an agent of Sameer Ja’ja’ (Geagea), the criminal leader of the thuggish Lebanese Forces.  All of you know my feelings about these nuns and the need to forbear in attacking Yabrood because they were there as hostages. I wish the army had moved in, come Hell or high water, and wiped out the rodents no matter what the cost.

Monzer says that Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwaiti will receive about a million dollars as compensation for his building in Yabrood.


What our readers did not know was that in the battle for Al-Zaara, the SAA was fighting a group called Jund Al-Shaam (Soldiers of Syria) made up almost exclusively of Lebanteezians. Thanks to the website titled “Al-‘Ahd” or the “Covenant”, we have some of their names:

Khaaled Al-Dandashi (Abu ‘Abdul-Rahmaan from Waadi Khaaled)

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Haaj-Deeb

Hassan (a/k/a Abu Ridhaa. Id pending)

Jamaal Al-Shaater Abu-Nimr

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Qays (a/k/a Abu Dajaana. From Tripoli)

Sulaymaan ‘Azeez Al-Hattaab (a/k/a Abu Bakr from Mashtaa Humood)

Dhiyaa` Al-Jarraah (from Waadi Khaaled)

‘Azzaam Dahdooh (from Waadi Khaaled)

‘Aadel Rizq (a/k/a Abu Al-Haramayn)

Qaassem Dabbaah (From Baab Al-Tabbaana, Tripoli)

‘Aatef Rizq

Bayaan Muhammad Al-Qaassem

Taamer Al-Shaykh

Nizaar Hamaadaa (a/k/a Abu Bakr)

Nidhaal Shihaada

Fadhl Hassaan Durayj

‘Abdul-Waahid Naatoor (a/k/a Al-Deeb, the wolf, ooooh)

Maaher Al-Khayr

Waleed Al-Bawwaab


15 مسلحاً يسلمون أنفسهم في سبينة.. واستمرار استهداف أوكار الإرهابيين في يبرود

Muhammad Al-Bawwaab

Muwaffaq Al-Khudhr

‘Ali Haaj Mahmoud

Shaadi Al-Aseer (a relative of the Takfeeri criminal, Ahmad Al-Aseer)

Muhammad Dhaaheek  (from ‘Akkar region)

‘Ali Sharshoor (from Waadi Khaaled)

Faadi Jareeq (from ‘Akkaar)

Naasser Lattoof (from Mashtaa Humood)

Dharraar Al-‘Ali

Jaassem ‘Aashoor (from Mashta Hassan)

‘Ali Muhyi-Al-Deen (from Waadi Khaaled)

Mustafaa Ghassaan Al-Ja’look

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Ja’look

Yaaseen ‘Ali Shahhaal (Leader of Dir’ Al-Sunna, Shield of the Sunni Faith, yawn, a part of Jund Al-Shaam)

Bilaal Mustafaa Al-Aqra’ (from ‘Akkaar)

Nizaar Al-‘Uwayshaat

Radhwaan Muhammad Hammood (from Waadi Khaaled)

Husaam Al-Sahl Abu-Khadeeja

‘Ali Jubayr

Jawaad Al-Shaykh

Anas Al-Bustaani (a/k/a Assad Al-Islaam, The Lion of Islam, oh yawn!; he is the brother of another rat killed in Al-Hissn called “Al-Shaykh Maajed”)

Muhammad Hammood (a/k/a Abu Ra’ad)

Waleed Al-‘Uwayshaat (a/k/a Abu Waleed)

Durayd Safwaan

Bilaal Ta’aan Abu-Zayd

‘Ali Badraan

Ahmad Al-Ahmad

‘Ali Jarboo’

Shaadi Rizq

Yusuf Midhaat Al-Sagheer

Ahmad Riyaadh Al-Mahmoud (a/k/a Abu Al-Tayyib, the borthr of Khaaled Riyaadh Al-Mahmoud, a/k/a Abu Sulaymaan Al-Muhaajer, the leader of Jund Al-Shaam in Homs)

Muhammad Al-‘Uwaysh

‘Ali Al-‘Uwaysh

‘Abdul-Sattaar ‘Azeez

Muhammad Al-Jaassem

Hassaan Al-Mahmoud

Waleed Hammood (from Tripoli)

Hassan Al-Massri (from ‘Akkaar)

Waleed Al-‘Aass (from Tripoli. a/k/a Al-Saffaah, The Butcher, ooooh; known for slaughtering Christians in Al-Hissn with a butcher knife)

Hassan Mahraan (from ‘Akkaar; a/k/a Al-Zarqaawi)

Maajed Al-Massri

Fahd Suroor

Muhammad Zayn (a/k/a Abu Islam)

Muhammad Naasser

Ibraaheem Khashshaan

Saaleh Al-Sha’aar (from Tripoli)

Bilaal ‘Assaaf

Wael reports over 100 taken prisoner. Almost all are Lebanteezians.

Taldu: Syrian Army killed 12 rodents as they tried to escape eastward.  I have no names.



تدمير 4 منصات لإطلاق الصواريخ.. ومقتل عدد من إرهابيي

Fighting reported in these areas close to the Turk border:  Baradoon Dam, Qastal ‘Eedu, Al-Hulwa and Al-Ghunayma.  4 Grad launchers were destroyed, 28 rodents killed and 10 wounded one of whom is

Abu Jamaal Al-Zarqaawi (id pending. Leader of Suqoor Al-‘Izz, “The Falcons of Glory, yawn)




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