New Yabroud Map Shows SAA and Hezbollah Gains

The SAA’s liberation of Al-Sahel has paved the way for the envelopment of the strategic village of Falita. Backed by Hezbollah and the NDF, the Syrian Arab Army continues to roll in the Yabroud District, as Hind Helicopters rain hell on terrorists near the Lebanese border. The Arsaal supply route is on the verge of becoming a vestige of an area the terrorists once beleaguered with a great deal of optimism, under the covenant of liberating Syria from the trepidation of a despot that is hell-bent on eradicating his people – clearly, these imbeciles suffer from some genetic mutation that clouds rational thinking. To further the plight of the terrorists, the Syrian Arab Army has attacked Ras al-Ayn and the hills that overlook the city of Yabroud.


My map after the liberation of Al-Nabk in November. Jarajeer and Al-Sahel were still under terrorist control at this time. The terrorists attempted to counter at Deir Attiyeh, but this was quickly forestalled. 


My updated map from March 3rd that depicts the recent liberation of Al-Sahel, Jarajeer, and attacks on Yabroud and Falita. In a little over three months, the SAA has made major gains in the Yabroud District. 

Hezbollah is currently fighting Jabhat al-Nusra on the border of Lebanon; this has resulted in the lack of manpower in several areas for the terrorist forces. Anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles have been discovered in warehouses at Al-Sahel – one can only wonder who gave them these weapons… Regardless, they have proven ineffective, despite the Syrian Opposition’s desperate plea to the West for these weapons to combat the air superiority of the Syrian Army. At this point, the terrorists are facing imminent defeat due to their failures to obstruct the SAA and Hezbollah’s advance.



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