President President Bashar al-Assad (L) visits the Dweir shelter for the displaced people in Adra, northeast of the capital Damascus on Wednesday.

 (Photo: Courtesy of Alalam)

President Bashar Al-Assad visited children who had been displaced during the war at the Duwayr Center near the Syrian Air Force base in the same area east of the capital.  President Assad vowed to listen to their complaints and implement measures to address them.  It is clear that the war is grinding to a halt and that the business of reconstruction and rehabilitation is starting.


(Photo: Courtesy of Ba’ath Party)

Yabrood:  With the SAA now in total control of the Reemaa Farms, its entire 20 square kilometers and all parts of the Kuwaiti and Qatari compounds, the army is now positioned eye-to-eye against the terrorist rats in the north and east of the city.  Syrian troops, mostly special operations units, have been spotted in the southern parts of the town.

In a spectacular special operation in the Industrial Zone and the Granary Quarter, the SAA killed these vipers:

Muhammad Al-Qudhaymi (rat leader of Alwiyat Fajr Al-Islam or “The Brigades of Islam’s Dawn. Oh, please! Yawn)


Fu’aad Fawwaaz

‘Umar Khuzna

Ma`moon ‘Abdul-Baaqi

Hassan Qashshoo’

Another 16 were confirmed wounded.  Some of the dead and wounded rats also belonged to the Alwiyat Maghaaweer Al-Qalamoon or “Brigades of Qalamoon’s Commandos”, Yawn.  They are all Nusra groups.








SyrPer is delighted to report the untimely but convenient deaths of 2 Nusra savages called “leaders” by the rodent rank-and-file:

Abu Maalek Al-‘Iraaqi (IRAQI DINGO DROPPING) who was killed at Al-Qaami’iyya in Yabrood by an insolent shard of shrapnel from an exploding SAA Howitzer shell and Abu Al-Mu’tassem Al-Muhaajer (TUNISIAN GREEN MONKEY VIRUS) who tripped on a banana peel right onto his gay partner’s bayonet.  Our congratulations to their rat or monkey families.

الجيش السوري على تخوم يبرود بعد سيطرته الكاملة على مزارع ريما‎



Pro-government forces hold the Syrian flag as they pose for a photo in the village of al-Sahel, near the rebel held town of Yabrud, nearly 80 kilometres north of Damascus, on March 4, 2014.

 NDF fighters stand proudly inside Al-Nabak after its liberation.



This tank belonging to the Republican Guards moves in for the kill near Der’ah.

Simleen:  On the west side, SAA killed these on March 4, 2014:

Khattaar Al-Mahaasina

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Ghaaleb

‘Umar Al-‘Aamiri

Another 5 could not be identified at the time. They are believed to be foreigners, most likely Jordanteezians or Filasteezians.

Sa’sa’: This town played a very important role in the October War of 1973.  It’s on the Golan.  On March 4, 2014, 3 car bombs were set to explode to kill civilians. But a citizen spotted the unusual cars and alerted security services. SAA sent a unit of sappers who detonated on car with an RPG and were able to manually defang the other 2.

ALEPPO: Heavy fighting reported everywhere in the north of the city as the SAA tightens the vise around the necks of huddled rodents.

OBAMA’S HEROIC CANNIBALS EXECUTE 22 OF OBAMA’S HEROIC SAVAGES IN A TOWN OUTSIDE JARAABLUS NEAR THE TURK BORDER.  The Obama/Saudi champions had managed to take control of the border town of Jaraablus and its environs.  At the newly infested village of Shuyookh, they had fun playing with their litter-mates by executing 12 members of the Nusra and FSA while murdering some citizens whom they accused of “apostasy” and “collaboration”.  Our compliments to Mr. Obama for his good taste and discrimination in the way he picks his allies.



Land Destroyer has a sense of humor not terribly different from that of SyrPer. Enjoy this entertaining send-up of hypocrite Obama and the Ukraine:


Now, Finian joins in with a humorous article about that big blowhard, Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) and his never-ending efforts to perfect his stand-up act in Vegas:


SyrPer enjoyed this Christian Science Monitor article only because it confirms what we have been saying all along: The End of the Zionist Settler State is Coming. Repent! Repent!


How about stealth aircraft. John Esq. sends this interesting interview about how stealthy the aircraft really are in this day and age:


A Syrian Air Force pilot buzzes over his family’s house as he lands at a base after bombing the stuffing out of Obama’s terrorist rats: (Thanks, John, Esq):









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