Ajnad al-Sham

Jund Al-Shaam leader Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Taa’oom can be seen here departing towards the Hell he is sure to inhabit, in saecula saeculorum. 

IDLIB:   On Friday, March 28, 2014, Jund Al-Shaam rat leader, Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Taa’oom, (seen above), took the early flight to the Stygian shores and is now among the many dispatched by the SAA to the eternal gloom of Hell.

Slain ISIL commander Omar Farouq al-Turki (top right).

AL-HASAKA:  Now the resting place of illustrious rodent and child killer, ‘Umar Faarooq Al-Turki, who was dispatched to Hades by noneother than the Jabhat Al-Nusra pack in retaliation for some insult he committed in Dayr El-Zor.

Slain ISIL commander Omar Farouq al-Turki (top right).

(Photo: Alalam) This is ‘Umar Faarooq Al-Turki of the ISIS as he joins Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Taa’oom in the Central Sewer in Hell.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Reports are in that Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, the chief rat of the Nusra pack, is now in Dayr El-Zor awaiting his early and much-needed voyage to the Hot Gates.  SyrPer predicts he will be killed in the next few days as rivals start to resent his presence.

Reports coming in about intense battles between ISIS and J.N. over oil. ISIS took 18 J.N. rats prisoner the day before yesterday.


Taseel – Sahm Al-Jawlaan Road: SAA killed 5 rodents and took 1 prisoner.

Taseel: Attempted infiltration into Nawaa across rural farmlands encountered a brigade of NDF who wiped out all 7 rats:

Iyhaab Mustafaa

Ahmad Al-Shaykh

Muhammad ‘Umraani

‘Abdul-Jawaad Al-Mahaameed

Badee’ Al-Shawwaa

The other 2 were not identified but believed to be Jordanian.

Simleen:  A den of rats was destroyed. I have no details.

Al-Hijja Village area: another den was destroyed. No details.

Jadl Village:  No details about skirmishing.

‘Itmaan, the Yarmouk School in Der’ah, Jamra, A-rubaysha and Al-Zubayra (last 3 in the Al-Lijaat area), all saw some skirmishing.  I have no details.

Al-Wardaat to the Southeast: An attempted infiltration from here to Muhijja (var. Mahja) met with complete failure. SAA seized 23 rifles and turned them over to NDF.

Al-Karak to the East:  J.N. took a big hit. But, I have no details.

Soor: No details about minor skirmishing.

City:  At the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque, an attempted infiltration into the Al-Manshiyya Quarter flopped.




Daar Al-Kabeera: An attempted infiltration into a military checkpoint failed. 6 rats killed and 10 wounded.

Skirmishing and clean-up reported in Al-Khaalidiyya, Al-Ghaasibiyya, at the Tile Factory, North Al-Duwayr, Al-Qaraabees (7 rats surrender), Al-Sa’an (failed attack on outpost), Bayt Suwayss (another attack on a military checkpoint failed), Al-Mushrifa, Al-Kamm, Al-Mashjar (a nest of rats destroyed), Al-Shindaakhiyya (23mm cannon on a pickup destroyed), Al-Zaqrootiyya, Abu Tarha, Al-Waazi’iyya in East Homs rural (12 rats are killed in a nest); Al-Sultaaniyya West Salaam Road (a van with 7 rats is detroyed along with the rats), Jubb Al-Jandali and Al-Qaraabees (2 rodents surrender), Al-Rastan NE of the Athletic Club (4 rats killed).

SAA has beaten back several attempts by J.N. rodents to recover areas of Homs City.

Al-Ghaasibiyya: An attempt to infiltrate into Al-Duwayr failed miserably. No details.

Al-Rastan Dam:  An attack on guards at the dam was beaten back.

Daar Al-Kabeera: The SAA attacked a suspected nest of rodents and killed all 11.

Bayt Qaswaat in Talbeesa area:  East of ‘Unq Al-Hawaa and Abu Hawaadeet. Skirmishing with no details.



Al-Qunaytra at the village of Al-Diwaaya near Tal Al-Haarra: SAA foiled a pathetic attempt to attack an outpost in the direction of ‘Ayn Al-Baashaa.

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Great article from Al-Akhbar about the elections tomorrow. A must-read:



WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT: (New Yorker led me to this one)








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