ALEPPO:  As we wrote before, with the Liwaa` Al-Tawheed rodents out of Aleppo, the SAA has extended control over 85% of the city as Layramoon, Hanaanu, the Industrial Zone Northwest, Hayyaan, Bani Zayd and other areas have fallen into its hands by default.  Only ‘Anadaan remains an obstacle with hundreds of J.N. vermin still inside.  However, expect a siege to eventually force them out.

LATAKIA:  The Syrian Army has settled into “contain and crush” mode.  The SAA high command is still puzzled by the reasons why so many rats have now migrated into this area with such negligible strategic value.

عدد قتلى الإرهابيين تجاوز الألف.. وتركيا تغلق حدودها بوجه الفارين نحو أراضيها

Turk newspapers and television stations are publishing the failure at Kasab: 2,698 dead rats and 5,635 wounded rats.  Their figures are conservative: SyrPer has already informed its readers that the number of dead rodents exceeds 3,000 and we stand by that.  It is amazing that pro-Assad publications still put the number of dead rats at around a 1,000 when the Turks themselves have counted over 2,600.  SyrPer, with the most accurate figures, gives over 3,000 rats to Satan.

Kasab orchards: The SAA has killed a major rodent leader of Suqoor Al-‘Izz (yawn), or the Falcons of Glory, a franchise belonging to J.N. and, ergo, Alqaeda:

‘Azzaam Al-Mullaa

He was targeted by SAA artillery and died on the spot along with 6 of his litter-mates.

Jabal Al-Kooz:  SAA pummeling this area with artillery and naval firepower.  It is not possible to determine how rats died here yesterday, but, Wael says spotters saw “large numbers” of rats being carried away in various states of injury to field hospitals and, eventually, to Turkish infirmaries.

Crossingpoint 45:  Rats playing hit-and-run games but failing at everything.  Terrain has been so difficult for rat maneuverings that they are now being cleaned up.  This battle will not last much longer.  This place is under complete SAA control.

Koor ‘Ali:  Fighting with no details.

Perimeters of Eagle Mountain (Jabal Al-Nisr):  Rats extremely vulnerable here.  Wael reports a confirmed 44 killed here yesterday.  SAA in complete control.

Nab’ Al-Murr:  Clean-up.

Al-Nab’ayn: Under complete SAA control.

Khirbat Soolaas: Under complete SAA control.


Jabal Al-Kabeer (Great Mountain):  We can confirm the deaths of 59 rodents and an estimated 41 wounded in an area clearly designed by Turk idiots to be a killing ground for their Salafist heroes. Unbelievable stupidity.

SyrPer has received information that all supply routes into the Kasab/Samra area have been closed.  The rats have no way to get reinforcements or new weapons.

MAJOR ALERT:  Turkey’s blustering idiot P.M. has ordered the border with Latakia closed to deny reentry by terrorists into Turkish lands.  This order only exempts European terrorists who are permitted to receive medical treatment in Turk hospitals.  WE ARE NOT JOKING. ERDOGHAN’S DESIRE FOR ENTRY INTO THE EU IS  SHOWCASED HERE FOR HIS GERMAN SUPPORTERS.  ARAB TERRORISTS CANNOT ENTER TURKEY.

TURKEY:  Turkish security are making it clear they are terrified about the revelation that ISIS terrorist cannibals now own 25 tanker trucks and semis with Turk license plates.  These trucks were stolen over the last month and are believed to be in the process of refitting to carry huge amounts of explosives to detonate at Turkish locations as an implementation of the threat to punish Ankara for supporting Jabhat Al-Nusra, its rival.  Moreover, there is a report that 4 trucks stolen from Syria have not been found.  Gee, Mr. Erdoghan, I hope there’s no spillover in Turkey. Nyuk.

 (File photo of explosion in Damascus)


Tafas:  A nest of rats is eradicated to the tune of 11.  No names.

Nasseeb, Al-Nu’ayma, Inkhil and Nawaa (National Hospital area):  Skirmishing with no details.

West Al-Maleeha:  All rodents in a pack killed in a firefight:

Sa’adeddeen Qalloosh

Mu’tassem Al-Shaykh-Badri

Wajeeh Muhammad

Haatem Badawi

Another 2 could not be identified.

Al-Wardaat:  A large number of cockroaches stomped out. But, no details.

الجيش السوري يسيطر على فليطا ورأس المعرة ويمهد لدخول رنكوس


DAMASCUS:  As you all know, the word “Rankoos” rhymes with “noose” and the noose is tightening around the very last rat nests in the Qalamoon.  This is it. With Faleeta and Ra`s Ma’arra having fallen, rodents are negotiating favorable surrender conditions.  They have been told that no such special treatment would be afforded to those who have blood on their hands.  Monzer reports the fall of this area is hours away. Enjoy.

Ma’loolaa and Jub’adeen: Another 48 former rodents experimented with humanity by surrendering to security forces in exchange for amnesty and the opportunity to return to a normal life.

(SANA file photo)

ALEPPO:  MAJOR NEWS.  SyrPer can state with confidence that the fall of the entire city of Aleppo to the SAA is nigh.  Over 85% of Aleppo City is now firmly in the hands of the SAA.  With Liwaa` Al-Tawheed gone to Latakia to be vaporized, morale among rodents is in the abyss.  As numbers of SAA and NDF burgeon after stunning successes in Qalamoon Damascus and Homs, the fate of the remnant rodents in Aleppo is dank and dark.  Once SAA encircles ‘Anadaan, it will be over in the north.

Al-Shaafi’-Hanna Mountain in the northern Aleppan outback, SAA’s Regiment 111 destroyed a pack of rodents trying to take control of a military outpost here.  All 23 rats were killed and all were from Chechnya and Daaghestaan.

Al-Baab: We are delighted to report the miserable death of this runt rodent last week:

Abu ‘Ali Al-Qaassemi (SAUDI APE SMEGMA and leader of J.I.)



Army Inflicts Heavy Losses Upon Terrorists


Al-Ghaasibiyya: Another miserable attempt to infiltrate into Al-Duwayr was disastrous.  All 9 rats killed.


ضربات مكثفة والعصابات المسلحة تكبدت 2698 قتيلاً حتى اليوم في معركة كسب

Jubb Al-Jarraah in the East Rural area of Homs:  SAA and NDF destroyed a launcher and 3 flatbeds with 23mm cannons.  No details.


عدد قتلى الإرهابيين تجاوز الألف.. وتركيا تغلق حدودها بوجه الفارين نحو أراضيها






Fine article about the False Flag plot in Turkey. Nice synopsis. And you’ll learn why Reuters News Service is a prostitute:

Voltairenet thinks the U.S. plans a long war in Syria. We think not.




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