LATAKIA: We have discussed before Erdoghan’s plans to rid himself of the terrorists he permitted to mass on his southern border with Syria. Today, as he approaches provincial elections that will decide his own and his party’s future, he is trying to rid himself of the same disease he willingly contracted three years ago.

We reported yesterday that communications at the Kassab Crossing were monitored and which contained demands from Jabhat Al-Islam terrorist commanders that the Turkish army immediately extract them “or else”  (و ألا). It was at that point that Turkish tanks, under command of Special Operations Forces with MIT handlers overseeing the operation that Turkey, entered the war formally making Turkey a combatant.

معركة كسب: ضربات قاصمة في جبل النسر ومقتل عشرات الإرهابيين في النقطة 45

The evidence is quite clear now that terrorists in Urdu, a garrison town  set up for them by Turkey for attacks on Latakia, was to be depleted and another base set up close to the Turkish border nearer to the coast.  The efforts to establish a base in the northeast of Latakia were a flop and made no sense since a base in Salmaa, for example, made delivery of supplies extremely difficult and resulted in rodents being left isolated for long periods of time.  Kassab and Samra were the answer.

Turkish planners completely misunderstood the determination of the Syrian Central Government to keep rodents away from the coastal area.  Besides the possibility that small boats could deliver supplies to the terrorists by sea, there was also the unacceptable possibility of compromising Syria’s immense anti-aircraft and anti-ship defense systems – an absolute taboo in Syrian and Russian military thinking.

Moreover, Latakia is Dr. Assad’s home province and a creeping movement towards the towns of the coastal mountains could be a morale-booster for the mercenary skunks.  Even Ziad has an interest in this because his wife’s ancestral town, Slinfeh, a largely Alawi municipality with a Christian minority, is on the same track. Ziad also has a house there which would be looted by disease-carrying Islamist terrorist barbarians whose reeking body odor is known to stick to even Parian marble.


القبض على 4 إرهابيين في تلكلخ.. ومقتل 15 منهم في السعن بريف حمص

SyrPer is ecstatic over the news which just arrived that the SAA and NDF have gone into pursuit mode which heralds the complete collapse of Erdoghan’s plan to evacuate the terrorists from Turkey and to establish them in northern Latakia.  This also means that Turkey is not going to challenge the will of the Bear who just sent in another 3 ships to solidify his commitment to the Syrian government.

Sources in Latakia are talking about over 1,300 terrorists killed over 4 days of fighting.  However, these numbers are questionable given the fact that it is impossible to reconnoiter the area with snipers around.

Khirbat Soolaas:  SAA has rescued an undisclosed number of kidnap victims after encircling a rat position and forcing the enemy to depart without harming the citizens.  I assume we will have more news on this later.

Wael’s reports now use the word “pursuit” in describing SAA’s and NDF’s maneuvers in the north. This means the campaign to set up a base in Kasab and Al-Samra has flopped.

QUNAYTRA: Huge demonstration in support of SAA in the Golan Heights at Hujayrat Al-Naaziheen:


Jawbar:  12 rodents killed in a firefight, most of whom were foreigners:

  • ‘Aamer Kawwaara
  • Muwaffaq Shaaker

‘Irbeen:  Special Operations units attacked a nest of rats and killed these:

  • Raateb ‘Ataayaa
  • Saleem Mahsoob
  • Mustafaa Al-Zahhaar

Another 3 could not be identified.  Lots of weapons and ammunition for the NDF.

Faleeta:  The last town right on the Lebanese border is under siege by the SAA and Lebanese Hizbollah.  Yesterday, the chief of the rat FSA Military Council used his ticket to Hell:

  • Ahmad Nawaaf Durra

Al-Maleeha:  2 rat packs belonging to different phylums went at it over division of weapons. They managed to kill off 12 of their own. Boo hoo hoo.

Ra`s Al-‘Ayn: Near Yabrood, major advance for SAA in the surrounding area, destroying over 6 nests of rodents and killing these specimens of Rodenta:

  • ‘Alaa` Darkoosh
  • Ma’an Al-Ahmad
  • ‘Ali ‘Abdul-‘Aal
  • Muhammad Suwayd

Afrah Village at the foothills near Zabadaani:  SAA snipers wiped these cockroaches out:

  • Faadi ‘Ayroot
  • ‘Ubayda Sawfaan

Zabadaani to the Eastern Mountains:  A cache of weapons and ammunition was uncovered and delivered to NDF.

Yabrood:  A new IED factory and 4 home-made rockets were uncovered.

‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa, SAA killed these:

  • Muneeb ‘Affoof
  • Khaleel Al-Tookhi
  • Yaasser Al-Shaykh-Bakri

‘Adraa Town:  A short skirmish led to the deaths of these Al-Jabhat Al-Islamiyya vipers:

  • Hussayn Al-‘Ajjaan
  • Sameer Ameen
  • Ayham Al-Ashqar

Al-Batraa` east of Al-Ruhayba:  SAA killed 5 rats in a firefight with 19 surrendering and asking for Amnesty:

  • Muhammad Muhibb-Al-Deen
  • ‘Umar Qashmoosh
  • Mustafaa Al-Furaati

The other 2 were not identified and believed to be Iraqi or Jordanian.

Al-Mashrafa:  The SAA killed these:

  • ‘Abdul-Baasett Sayyid
  • Mansoor Diyaab
  • Ahmad Hassoon

Al-Sarkha:  An entire nest of rats cleaned out.  No details.

Ma’loolaa: 13 rodents decided to become human and surrendered under the Amnesty Law.

‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:  At 9 and 11 Districts, near the Hujr bin ‘Udayy Mosque, Al-Jabhat Al-Islamiyya lost 8 rats in a firefight with SAA.



Al-Wa’er:  Attempted infiltration went nowhere.

Al-Ghaassibiyya:  Attempted infiltration into Duwayr and then to Daar Al-Kabeera also failed.  9 confirmed dead rats.

Ruhoom:  No details about rat deaths during a firefight.

Umm Sahreej: Ditto.

‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed. No details.

Hawsh Ibaazhat Tal-Majooz in the Al-Sa’an area: Confirmed 15 hyenas killed as they were setting up a launcher to fire rockets at inhabited areas.

Abu-‘Alaayaa Checkpoint: An attack failed. No details.

Jubb Al-Jandali and Al-Qaraabees: Confirmed 28 rats surrender to security asking for amnesty.

Old City: Another boring (no pun) tunnel found, this one stretching from Qaraabees to Corniche St. to the Officers’ Club and then, to the Post Office.  Inside SAA found digging equipment, sand barriers and booby traps which had to be dealt with by sappers.

We are happy to announce that Nubaal Ibraaheem, Syrian State t.v. reporter, who was shot in the foot by a sniper while covering a story about a tunnel in Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah is recovering nicely from his wound.


Ghadeer Al-Bustaan:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Bakkaar, Al-Jubayliyya and Al-Naasiriyya 19 rodents killed. All were from either Kuwait, Jordan or Saudi Arabia.

Qirmish: Fighting with no details.

Al-Manshiyya Quarter in the city:  An attempted incursion by rodents into this area was repelled with the help of NDF.  A flatbed with 23mm cannon and a nice raft of weapons and ammunition were seized.

Qassr Mishmush: Lots of rats killed here in “Castle Apricot”. Sounds like something from an Elton John album.

Ghabaagheb:  All 22 rats killed in a miserable attempted assault on a military outpost.

Tal Ja’afar:  No details.

Al-‘AaliyaTal Al-Mahss Road:  No details about a large number of dead rats.

Simleen – Jaassem Road: An attempted encroachment by rodents into a secure area near the intersection of Zimreen and Simleen.

West and East Al-Ghaariyya, Silos area, Al-Sayaassina Village, Al-Kharaabaat to the north, Al-Akraad Farms in Al-Karak Quarter, Al-Nu’ayma at the Green Mosque, ‘Itmaan, Al-Lijaat at Rusoom Al-Mudawwara and Al-Hijja West, all saw action with no details.   

Gharz Prison:  An attempted infiltration to a checkpoint went awry and all 29 rats were killed.

Al-Karak Quarter: An attack on a checkpoint located on a dirt road failed.


35 rockets hidden in a truck between bags of straw in north rural Hama was seized. The truck driver claimed he thought the missiles were a prize in every bag like Cracker Jacks. He has been arrested.


Big battle between ISIS and J.N. resulted in 18 rodents dotting the countryside east of the city across the Euphrates.  J.N.7 , ISIS 11. That’s the last tally.

ALEPPO: Heavy fighting all over as SAA and NDF take the battle right to the rats here.  Monzer commented on Aleppo and said that the number of Saudis, Kuwaitis and Chechens here is astounding. It’s like a foreign war with more and more Syrians backing out:

Prison, Industrial Zone West, Al-Muslimiyya, Handaraat, Al-Shuwayhna, Al-Layramoon, Al-Mansoora, Rasm Al-‘Abbood, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Daarat ‘Izza, Al-Ataareb, Castillo, Al-Jaabiriyya, Baabees, ‘Anadaan, Huraytaan, Kuwayris, ‘Irbeed, Al-Judayda.



One of our readers, Trpintel, sends this very nicely incapsulated analysis of how the West lost Syria and how Syria emerged from this conflict even stronger. We disagree only about the “training” of our SAA:

Laugh your heads off at this: what goes around, comes around.

And now for the French, what goes around comes around:


Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings hit 80%!!!  Hollande’s is at 19%. Who would you want as your leader?



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Level 2 - Veteran

Dear Ziad – thank you for todays wonderful news.
Keep up the good work.

God bless Syria.

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

Glad to hear Syria took the fight into the rats all over, no southern and northern front and ots of actions in Aleppo. I wish we could have Qalamoun rat free faster so soldiers could be moved to support the cleaning in Homs, Hamas and Aleppo. May God bless SAA and its allies, get the fight to them and hit hard.

Level 1 - Novice

Nice job SAA,
Ziad, can you comment on the buildup in the southern front…
we heard last time that there is a massive build up (prob’ly to distract the Syrian govt, but recently things have been happening in the west only… what is the deal with the threat from Jordan?


The Thylacine
Level 7 - Tribunus Angusticlavius
The Thylacine

Great reporting, Ziad, WP Guy, Leith… God forbid those myxomatose bandicoots sully the Fadellarium of the Mentat at Slinfeh! They would better fall on their own IEDs. God save the heroic Syrian Arab Army.

Level 4 - Scholae Palatinae

bravo, well done. I want to see footage of the dead vermin. 1200 dead pests in 4 days must be considered a military massacre. this may explain why erdogan has become a eunuch and lost his voice, here is the link, I was crying with laughter at his voice.

Paul S.
Level 3 - Praetorian
Paul S.

Erdogan is so desperate he sends in rats to attack a family of lions. This diversion isn’t going to win him any street cred in Istanbul. Long live Assad and death to all retrograde fanatic rats!

Level 3 - Praetorian

Write us, O Ziad, about the anger of erDOGan son of a rat, who brought countless ills upon the land of Syria. Many a brave soul did fight against the rats, and many rats did they send hurrying down to Hades,..

Level 0 - Anonymous

Putin sends some Battleships to Mediterranean Sea -> causes Erdogans Balls to shrink

Level 3 - Praetorian

Has everyone noticed the western propaganda machine going into overdrive recently?

Level 3 - Praetorian

Great news! Thanks, Ziad, for the updates and colorful, distinguished commentary. The psychopaths in Washington, Disease, er… I mean D.C… Tel Aviv, and the capitals of Europe must be throwing their cell phones against the wall, gnashing their teeth and chewing their shirt sleeves. It is wonderful to see the SAA grow stronger by the day. From Russia’s standpoint, Syria is really their southern Mediterranean front, while Crimea is the northern regional front in the protection of their borders and the maintenance of their ability to control the Black Sea and Mediterranean waterways. The Zio psychopaths of the terrorist Settler… Read more »

Level 1 - Novice

“Sources in Latakia are talking about over 1,300 terrorists killed over 4 days of fighting. However, these numbers are questionable given the fact that it is impossible to reconnoiter the area with snipers around.” Thank you. Indeed these numbers are questionable. First, how were these rat casualties counted? Do they leave over 1000 corpses around? I would be happy to see footage of at least 100 dead Jihadists, just as the latter back up their “success” claims by 5-6 clear clips, like: If 1300 terrorists have been killed, how many more must they have around to be able to… Read more »