SyrPer has just received detailed reports from Wael in Latakia.  The Jabhat Al-Nusra, Liwaa` Al-Tawheed and Al-Jabhat Al-Islamiyya cannot withstand the numbers of their dead and wounded any longer. Wael writes that no areas targeted by the rodent Saudi army are under the control of the terrorist mercenaries. We can also confirm that all Kasab remains in the hands of the SAA, the Border Checkpoint 45 is also under SAA control along with Al-Sakhra Police Station and all Samra Village. I have warned readers to stay away from reports emanating from the U.K. and, especially, BBC and SOHR.  There is an effort to coordinate the false reporting with “expected” terrorist gains. Those gains have not materialized and the rats are being routed as I write.  In fact, it appears that Turkish military involvement was strictly to cover the rat withdrawal which could have turned into a massacre but for the cover fire from Turk artillery units at the border.


الطلقة الأخيرة في سياسته المفلسة.. لماذا قرر أردوغان إسقاط الطائرة السورية..؟

There can be no question any longer about Erdoghan’s complicity in the war crimes in Syria.  Wael tells me that SAA and NDF spotters could actually see men in Turkish military uniforms giving orders to rats across the frontier.  There can,  also,  be no question about terrorist rat incompetence in planning and carrying out operations. The only area of expertise the rats have demonstrated is in killing unarmed civilians.

For anyone who had doubts about the situation in Kasab, let me disabuse you now of any misunderstandings. The military situation here is one of cool, patient control with more than adequate numbers of troops ready to kill rats in the hundreds, if not thousands. Wael says that SAAF sorties are numerous in comparison to past experience with Sukhoi bombers controlling the sky.

It appears the shooting down of the SAAF bomber yesterday was occasioned by a fear that hundreds of rodents would have been killed if the SAAF had been left alone to maraud the skies over the rat withdrawal.  The campaign to establish a base at Kasab and to interdict the highway linking Aleppo to Latakia can be declared an abject failure.

Homs is now seeing a transition.  Troops and tanks used to liberate Al-Hissn are on trucks speeding to the front in Latakia.  In the meantime, some troops belonging to the Second Army Corps, along with NDF, are beginning a clean-up of the East Homs countryside as you will see shortly.


Abu Tarraaha, Faawashaaweesh and Umm Al-Reesh in the East Rural area of Homs around Jubb Al-Jarraaah was the scene of a staggeringly precise operation against remnant rodents resulting in the destruction of 3 pick-ups loaded with weapons and ammunition, 2 flatbeds with 23mm cannons and 1 flatbed with a launcher.  Of the 19 rodents dispatched in this Orkin Extravaganza, here are the only names arriving:


Suhayl Al-‘Aneed

Hishaam Muhammad

‘Awni Muhammad

‘Abdul-Majeed Shaykhu

Fighting was also reported in Al-Sa’an and ‘Ayn Hussayn near Talbeesa and Al-Ghajar and on the road between Daar Al-Kabeera and Al-Khaalidiyya.

IDLIB:  At Muhambal Village, citizens came out to demonstrate support for the flag, Dr. Assad and the SAA:







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