Always ready to pull the covers off tightly-held secrets, SyrPer now reveals the nature of the “leadership” within the ranks of the rat terrorists in the Yabrood area.

But before we start, we must announce the descent into Hell of the once mighty leader of the Rankoos Rodent Army, Assad Al-Khateeb, who was blown into bits and, then, smothered amidst a cloud of dust after a perfectly set bomb, deployed by NDF, went off and ended his reign of terror yesterday. Fadi sends us this tape chronicling his last moments on earth:

First of all, SyrPer now estimates that there are between 5,000 – 8,000 terrorist hyenas located in these areas: Yabrood, ‘Assaal Al-Ward to Rankoos.    

Of the known terrorists in the area, about 20% are foreigners. Most of the Syrian-born skunks are from the East Ghouta, Der’ah rural area, Al-Qusayr near Homs and nearby towns in the Qalamoon.  There are many army deserters here who can expect little mercy once the dust settles as it has over the carcass of Assad Al-Khateeb, a former Colonel-Major in the SAA.

The majority of the armed rodents belong to the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jabhat Al-Islam with some members of ISIS found amongst them.  This might seem puzzling since the 2 groups are on extremely poor terms at present, the former having threatened to exterminate the latter all the way to Iraq.  The FSA has seen a major diminution in numbers since many officers have struck deals with the government to permit them to function within the NDF.  The attrition in the numbers of FSA officers and army deserters has made the group suspect in the eyes of the Islamist rats who now see the FSA as a fifth column.

The leader of the Nusra in Yabrood is Abu Maalek who originates in the nearby town of Al-Tal.  According to Nidhaal Hamada, a journalist writing for Al-Manaar, Abu Maalek transits regularly between Yabrood and Rankoos – that is until the SAA took over Al-Sahl and the hills surrounding Yabrood.

His aide de camp is one Abu ‘Azzaam Al-Kuwayti because his father hails from Kuwait and his mother from the Qalamoon.  Both Abu Maalek and Abu ‘Azzaam are believed to be stationed now in Yabrood.

Of interest to our readers is the fact that the nuns who were taken violently as hostages from Ma’loolaa are staying in Abu ‘Azzaam’s family-owned building on the second floor.

At ‘Assaal Al-Ward, there is an unusual homogeneousness among the FSA rodents in that most are from this same area.  They coexist perilously with both J.N., JI and ISIS here.  The leader here is Muhammad Shaddaad who has been able to maintain a delicate peace between the various groups.  The leader of the JN here is another rat from Al-Tal who goes by the moniker “Abu Khaaled” 

In Rankoos, as we have already stated, the leadership was in the hands of Assad Al-Khateeb until his untimely withdrawal from mundane matters courtesy of a big bomb placed for his convenience by the NDF.  Along with that now-smithereened knucklehead, is another Abu Maalek, a Saudi chimpanzee who leads a bunch of runaways from the Homs suburb of Baaba ‘Amr with some other useless Arabians chimps.

As Yabrood is now the central focus of all military activity, it is a certainty that most of the parasites mentioned earlier in this essay are now here for their Masada. SyrPer has received word that the actual commander who controls the destiny of our nuns is the Saudi chimpanzee referred to earlier as Abu Maalek Al-Sa’oodi.

Yabrood: The SAA destroyed 2 flatbeds with 23mm aa cannons at Al-Qaami’iyya Neighborhood near Wide Avenue and Qareena.  There were fatalities among the rodents but no names were sent.

Al-Sahl and Reemaa Farms saw minor skirmishing and mop-up.

‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:  SAA killed these at the 11th District:

Bilaal Safeer (JI leader)

Bashshaar Shalhoom

Harastaa:  3 rats killed at Police Infirmary to the East:

Hussayn Sukhayni

Ahmad Al-‘Ali

Hishaam Al-Asmar

Jawbar at the Central Corniche:  A number of rats killed. No details.

Al-‘Ibb Farms:  An entire nest of rats destroyed.

Daarayyaa and Khaan Al-Shaykh (on Nestle Street) saw action with few details.

Zaakiya in Al-Kiswa area: a flatbed with 23mm disabled. No details.

Zabadaani in the East Hills: Confirmed 15 rodents put down. No details today.




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