NORTH AMERICA:  We warned our readers about a Western media frenzy to inundate the airwaves with lies about the terrorist attack on northern Latakia Province.  Not only has there been an attempt to hide the fact that the rodent forces supported by Erdoghan’s Turkey are Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, but that the terrorists attacking Syria are “moderate”.

Now, couple that with new evidence of Turkey’s head of intelligence discussing attacking Syria with the army’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Yasser Guler, and the dwarf freak, Ahmet Davutoghlu, Turkey’s Foreign Minister – a discussion available on You-Tube and now the subject of a nationwide Turkish manhunt for those who disclosed the conversation.  Turkey has just banned You-Tube along with Twitter in a brazen demonstration of Erdoghan’s virulent tyranny..

Look at some of the interesting comments from readers who are trying to buoy up the sagging morale of the terrorist rats by posing as something they are not – by giving credence to clearly false data and reports meant to portray the terrorists as victorious – and all this in concert with Turkey’s assault on Syria.  I warn my readers again to not give credence to the multifarious reports minimizing Turkish involvement while maximizing terrorist gains and to believe only those sources which have steered you consistently in the right direction.

FALEETA ON THE VERGE; ATTACK HALTED FOR NEGOTIATIONS FOR WITHDRAWAL OF TERRORIST SKUNKS; SAA’S NEW REINFORCEMENTS ARRIVING The terrorist rats of the Jabhat Al-Nusra were hoping for some relief with the new offensive in Latakia. But that offensive is going into the briny as the Syrian Army and the NDF continue a savage attack on the psychopathic killers based in Erdoghan’s Turkey.  Today, despite Western efforts to describe the fighting in Faleeta as “intense”, or as having “stopped”, the fact is that the terrorists have appointed individuals from both Faleeta and ‘Arsaal to negotiate a withdrawal into the Lebanon.

The terrorists are surrounded from the West by Hizbollah and the North, East and South by SAA and NDF. The only glitch is the new Lebanese government’s unwillingness to accept more terrorists.

Monzer tells me that the town could fall any moment if a push is made with the infantry and armor available.

LATAKIA:   Last night was pure death for leaders of the Jabhat Al-Nusra, Al-Jabhat Al-Islamiyya, Jund Al-Shaam and Qastal Ma’aaf Front.  4 major leaders were killed by SAA artillery including:

Muhammad Al-‘Abdullah (LEADER OF QASTAL MA’AAF FRONT, YAWN)       _______________________________________________________________ NEWS AND COMMENTARY: Tony Cartalucci’s article, sent by Dudley, is thought-provoking and complete:

For those readers who are interested in the attack on Syria by Turkey, look at this one: 

And for those propagandists who still believe that Turkey did not violate Syrian airspace or territory:

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