Vultures belonging to ISIS feast on dead J.N. hyenas after the SAA put them down. 


Tal Bishmaaroon:  Located in the Al-Rooj Plain, SAA and NDF eradicated an entire nest of hyenas:

Fareed Huballah

Usaamaa Al-Zubayr (a/k/a Abi Al-Haqq)

Misbaah Khaldoon Al-‘Ali

Jaaber Al-‘Abbood

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Kareem

Tharwaat Al-Khudhr

Ismaa’eel Jallool

Sa’ood Al-‘Uwayd

Jaassem Al-‘Uwayd

Another 4 could not be identified and are presumed foreign. Nobody survived this elegant ambush.


Our congratulations to the Al-‘Uwayd clan for the great contribution to Satan’s Gift Shoppe.

Kafr Roomaa:  5 confirmed rat deaths.

Saraaqeb: Fighting with no details.

Qumaynaas:  SAAF strafes convoy of trucks carrying weapons and ammuntion out of Turkey.  Destroys all trucks as NDF surrounds area. No details yet, but, Wael saw a report indicating 9 dead rats.

Kafr Takhaareem: (An old Aramaic name hinting at Syria’s history).  Saudis were killed by the peck here.  17 total rats; of them 12 were Saudi Arabian apes.  A pick-up with a 23mm cannon was destroyed.

Talab, Al-Hoota and Tal Salmu, all in the Abu Dhuhoor area, were the scenes fighting. No details.

Al-Raami: Fighting with no details.

Kafr Shalaayaa: Nusra lost 4 scavengers here. No names.

Binnish, Dayr Sunbul and Al-Sa’an (Idlib) in East rural Idlib were the locales for uncovering nests of jackals.  Many killed or wounded. No details.


Faleeta:  On the border with Lebanon. As we reported, this town is now completely surrounded and there are no tunnels through which to escape into the Lebanon.  As of right now, all reports indicate the SAA, NDF and Hizbollah are scouring the area for escaping rodents. No such luck. We can confirm that, as of last night, 80 rats have departed this world for their resting place in Hell.  Das Ende.

Al-Tayyiba and Al-Muqaylabiyya Villages in the Al-Kiswa area: 21 rodents made the switch to humanity by surrendering to security services and obtaining Amnesty.

Ra`s Al-‘Ayn: In the Qalamoon. 7 cockroaches go for the same morsel in Hell:

Ma’roof Buwaydhaani

Rashaad Mallooh

Ahmad Sadeeq

Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Baari

The other 3 were not named.

Rankoos Farms:  2 fleeing skunks were skunked:

Raashed Shaaheen

Waleed Abu-Safra

Al-‘Aaliya and Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa:  21 rodents killed in surround-snuff operation with SAA:

Yunus Haamed

‘Aatef Baraazi

Khaaled ‘Atwa

Muhammad Sa’da

Khaaled Tu’ma

Radhwaan Dhubbaana

‘Ali Samhoori

The rest were not named and are believed to be foreign.

Al-Maleeha Farms:

‘Abdul Ghuzayl

Raateb Al-Sayyid

Madhaayaa in the mountains:

Saari Mustafaa

Jaad Humaydaan

Ghaanem Naasseef

Waadi Moussaa:  In the area of Al-Tal, the birthplace of ‘Abdullah Al-Ahmar, Deputy Secretary General of the Ba’ath Party Pan Arab Command:

Raamez Al-Mazhloom

Jawbar at the Police Dept. switchboard:

Abu Al-Qa’Qaa;’ (id pending)

Yabrood, Jub’adeen and Al-Jubba: 29 rats convert to humanity by surrendering to security and asking for amnesty.

Greater Al-Diwaaya in Qunaytra:

Muhammad Al-Khateeb

Luqmaan Haddaad

‘Abdul-Malik Nooreddeen

Thaa`er Zarzoor

Moussaa ‘Abdul-Mu’ti

Lesser Al-Diwaaya:  2 4-wheel drive trucks destroyed.  No names.

Al-Sarkha Farms:  SAA killed these vipers:

Hussayn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez

Muhammad Birru

West Al-Mushrifa:  Fighting with no details.

Rankoos at the Al-Mahabba Association:

Taahaa Al-Shayk-Hassan

Bilaal Shaaghoori

Maaher Al-Ustaa

Halboon Foothills Road at Al-Hissn Road: Skirmish with no details.

Talfeeta Farms:    No details.

Zabadaani in the East Mountains:

Hussayn ‘Awfar

Raa`ed ‘Aashoor

‘Adraa Town at Hujr bin ‘Udayy Shrine: Fighting with no details.

Note to readers: most of the dead rodents belonged to Jabhat Al-Islam.

I cannot get through the amount of information I have today, so, I’ll stop here and continue in the morning with news of fresh disasters for rats.  Bear with me.  I gotta have a martini, stirred, not shaken.



John Esq. sends us this interesting article clearly laying the blame for the Syrian conflict at the doorstep of the U.S. and the Saudi apes:


Raad sends this nice shot of Snackbaring rats getting a taste of a MiG29 Fulcrum:



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