Let’s start out with the much-ballyhooed Southern Front which was based out of the Al-Mafraq camp in Jordan and another just north of Aqaba.  Many readers were chewing on their teddy bears waiting for the inevitable attack. But SyrPer warned its readers that a great “Surprise” was awaiting the proponents of the Southern Campaign, a reality apparently discovered after the astonishing ambush laid by the SAA south of Lake Al-‘Utayba.

We know that King Abdullah II of Jordan has no stomach for the kind of insurgency he was supposed to entertain on his northern border with Syria. It’s not that he is an Arab nationalist because he is more invested in his mother’s British DNA than in his father’s Arabian simian roots – witness his very poor Arabic.  No. Jordanian intelligence and military advisers have made it clear to him that the Pandora’s Box at Al-Mafraq spews evil in every direction, including Amman’s, and that the days of the Hashemite stewardship of this British-concocted consolation prize might soon be over if he pursues the boneheaded Saudi plan to oust Dr. Assad.

I cannot tell you what the “Surprise” is until it’s the appropriate time, yet, it seems quite obvious that in combination with the Al-‘Utayba catastrophe, somebody detected it and closed the plan down. In an interview 2 weeks ago, Dr. Assad went so far as to say that the Southern Front was nothing more than propaganda to scare people. (للتخويف)

The United States appears to be distraught over the time it has taken to bring this noisome stew to a full boil and the result has not been particularly tasty.  Ideas and plans hatched in 2007 with the specific aim of destabilizing Syria in order to overthrow the Ba’ath Party leadership, and, thus, to subvert Iranian power projection across the Fertile Crescent, have not produced anything but humiliation and potential war crimes charges.

Notwithstanding all the contrarieties that beset the Southern Campaign, it did make sense to establish a salient in Syria’s soft underbelly in order to eventually host a big push toward the capital.

In Kasab, at the far northwestern corner of Syria, a real campaign is under way to establish a mini-enclave as a base for terrorists mostly belonging to the Saudi-preferred Jabhat Al-Nusra and its affiliates.  This project must have been planned by the Turkish military in consultation with the Saudi apes.  This must be so because in the discussions between high ranking military and political leaders disclosed on YouTube, the Turkish Deputy Chief of Staff, the Foreign Minister and his deputy, all speak of the Kasab campaign in a phlegmatic manner, describing it as “not going well” and hatching some “False Flag” scenario to justify an assault on northern Syria.

There is no chagrin or hard feelings; the terrorists were simply unleashed in the presence of the Turkish military which also provided some artillery and tank cover.  The Turk air force even shot down a Syrian jet that was clearly in its own airspace harrying marauding rodents from the Turkish side.  When the operation went sour, orders came to the Liwaa` Al-Islam to evacuate its positions in Aleppo in order to reinforce the failing rodents in Kasab – hardly a good trade when one considers Aleppo’s greater value both economically and militarily.  Aleppo is now on the verge of reverting to the Syrian Central Government.

Kasab is a mountain resort town populated largely by Armenians noted for their hospitality and good taste in food.  It sits along a mountain chain that straddles the line between the Mediterranean and the Syrian Ghaab agricultural valley. (Syria’s Bekaa)  To its West is Samraa, also Armenian, and which overlooks the Sea.

So, when the rats initially displayed films and photos of their supposed conquest of a little part of the shoreline below Samra, we were puzzled, a puzzlement that begged the question: if you are on the shoreline, what are you going to do with the seawater? And why couldn’t you have a shoreline in Turkey which would, at least,  be protected?

It made no sense.  Anyone who has swum in the waters that babble below the Jabal Al-Aqra’ (Bald Mountain) south to Ra`s Al-Basseet knows there are no port facilities or, even, depths sufficient for harborage.  Only rowboats, perhaps, could ply these waters and how much could they provide in the way of weapons or provisions with Russian and Syrian patrol boats foraging around?

Even more befuddling was the focus on Kasab, which, even the SAA, doesn’t want to enter for fear it will do nothing more than attract shelling from terrorists.  It has no military value and seems to have been selected for attack because of its symbolic gravity.  But, the attack on Kasab was proof of blind stupidity on the part of the Erdoghani and Saudi monkeys for the following reasons:

1.  Its Armenian character would inevitably be an incantation to stir up the ghosts of the Turk-inspired Genocide of the Armenian people of the 20th Century;

2.  It placed thousands of rodent terrorists in an area patrolled by Russian and Syrian naval vessels capable of shellacking them from the sea, never you mind the pillorying power of Syria’s vaunted artillery corps and bombers;

3.  Once here, there could be no organized withdrawal, especially, now, when the borders with Turkey have been closed to everyone but European-originated terrorists.

SyrPer believes that the Turkish Military Command has given up on the ouster of Dr. Assad’s government by means such as an insurgency linked to the so-called “Arab Spring”.  It is either riddance from the terrorists lest they come back to devour the owner; or its going to be a false flag operation in which Turkey will risk everything to please the Saudi apes in Riyadh, even if it means war with Russia and Iran.  It cannot be anything else unless Turkey has given up.

As I write this comment for my readers, I note that the number of dead terrorists is increasing by the hour and that such attrition is not sustainable for a any vital insurgency.  As one of our readers, Trpintel wrote, a well-placed, organized military should be able to devastate exposed guerrillas skulking around poorly canopied mountainsides to the sounds of tons of exploding ordnance.  And so it shall be. ZAF































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