SyrPer can confirm that the much-heralded Turk-orchestrated “campaign” on Aleppo has been a complete, utter and unmitigated flop. Al-Raamoosa, a linchpin site for a rat resurrection in Aleppo has fallen completely into the hands of the SAA.  There are some pockets of resistance, mostly Chechen and Daghestani vermin, but, the winds of victory are clearly blowing in the camps of the Syrian Arab Army.


Al-Raamoosa is important because of its location at the main southern highway and its approach into south Aleppo, not to mention petroleum storage reservoirs and the Sadkop Company.  As of last night, the rats were broomed out by the SAA and NDF.


Hanaanu Residencies:  An attempt to infiltrate into this area through 3 tunnels met with disaster when the rats were surprised to learn the SAA had already discovered them and laid a trap. I have no details about the number of dead rodents, but, Wael says there were over 40 dead.

Idlib-Aleppo Highway:  5 flatbeds with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  No details about casualties.

Central Prison area to the northwest:  SAA is taking the fight to the rats in Jubayla.  On-going clash.

Fighting reported in all these areas as part of Operation Canopus Star:  Kafr Hoot (It’s a hoot), Awram, Baabees, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Al-Mansoora, Al-Layramoon, Al-Ataareb, Al-Zahraa District, Huraytaan, Daarat ‘Izza (a pickup with Doschka destroyed), Karfr Hamraa, Industrial Zone, Ba’eedeen Roundabout, Al-Saakhoor, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Khaan Toomaan, Kuwayris, Judayda, ‘Irbeed, Hameema, Al-Shuwayhana.




Settlement of 57 terrorist rat cases


Old City:  This part of town is being cleaned up. Thanks to loads of terrorists wishing to rejoin the human race, it’s going faster and faster.  57 signed papers yesterday promising not to engage in any more violence against the state, people and flag of Syria.

More on Homs in the next post.


Finian Cunningham could not have said it better about Saudi Arabia, Bandar and the other apes:

But, now read this:

And now read this about TOW missiles:

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