Al-Samra:  This was the big outlet to the sea.  Of course, you have to swim 10 miles out to get a place where a ship could dock, but, that didn’t bother the brilliant Turk planners.  After all, it gave the BBC another one of its “symbolic” victories to tout for the miserable Islamist terrorist cretins whom it supports – that is – until they come back to roost in London.


The day before yesterday, we reported that Al-Samra would be cleared out in 72 hours.  Yesterday, we accurately reported that the SAA and NDF had moved into the town and liberated the area around the police station.  But, today, we can assure you there are no more rats in Al-Samra.  It’s over in both Kasab and Al-Samra.  But, now, it gets better:

SUMMIT 724 north of Crosspoint 45:  The SAA and NDF have now eliminated all rodents on this strategic mountaintop.  There are about 150 rodents skulking around this area and they will all be killed.  All are foreigners.

Crosspoint 45:  Artillery killed 14 rats trying to climb up to positions to fire mortars at NDF.  They were spotted and eliminated with a volley of hellfire from a Shilka.  They are rotting in the hot noonday sun.

Tchalma Mountain:

Reports of heavy rat losses without any details.

Nab’ Al-Murr (The Bitter Spring):  Chechen and Daghestani terrorist hyenas were sent to Mephisto’s Main Sewer.  No details. They were identified by communications in a “Slavic” language.

Kasab: Clean-up.  A tragedy these maniacs destroyed such a pretty town.  It will be rebuilt.

Dibsa Area:  Foreigners are the rule.  Saudis are dying here by the dozens but nobody will pick up the bodies. Too many snipers.

Al-Qasaatel:  Fighting with no details.



Some of you may mistakenly think that references to putrefacting carcasses are meant in jest.  They are not.  SyrPer received confirmation yesterday by telephone that the number of terrorist carcasses in the mountains around Kasab and Al-Samra are in the area of 2,000 – 3,000.  Because of the daytime heat, the flesh is suppurating quickly causing a foul stench to permeate the atmosphere.  This is quite serious and may augur some health problems in addition to the absence of essential medicines for the population.  The quicker the rats are exterminated, the more quickly our army can clean up this Turk-Saudi-Obama-induced mess.

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