This scene purports to be in Al-‘Awaaridh Quarter where the SAA killed 12 rodents, 5 of whom were snipers.

With news of astounding SAA victories in the Qalamoon and Homs, the pressure is on field commanders in Aleppo to reprise these successes in Syria’s most important commercial hub.  We have confirmed the breaking of the siege around the Central Prison as rats try to assess their situation- in vain – and in the face of a relentless, professional army now nurtured on the milk of triumph and with the empty promises of simian-like allies whose constancy is as durable as floating ordure.

Bustaan Al-Baashaa:  An attempt to infiltrate into this quarter was repulsed and crushed.  There appeared to be no rational military purpose in driving 2 pickups with Doschkas into an area where the population dreamed of the immolation of all rats.  NDF fighters, now as experienced in combat as the SAA, and even more qualified to defend densely populated areas, take the credit for this operation.  I received word that the number of dead rodents is around 15 – but that is only an estimate.  They were Jabhat Al-Islam freaks of nature.

Rasm Al-‘Abbood:  Another seemingly meaningless foray into nihilism.  This area is simply impregnable what with the reinforcements now in position at the Kuwayris Airbase and roving infantry all over at ‘Irbeed looking for mortar operators trying to impede air traffic by hitting runways.  The rat efforts have failed miserably.

Kuwayris Village:  Skirmishing with itinerant terrorists whose sole purpose appears to be target practice for our SAA and NDF.  No details.

‘Irbeed: Another village in the area of the Kuwayris Airbase. The rats do not have sufficient numbers of attackers to affect the balance in this area.  They have lost cadres by the hundreds over a period of 8 months trying to storm the airbase.

Al-Judayda:  No details about fighting here.

Industrial Zone, Al-Layramoon, Handaraat, Daarat ‘Izza, Bayaanoon, Maari’, ‘Azzaan, Khaan Toomaan, Al-Ataareb, Al-Wudhayhi, Qubtaan Al-Jabal and Al’Aamiriyya, all saw intense action yesterday.  But, it is hard to get details from the combat zones in Aleppo. Sorry.


DER’AH:  This was supposed to be the Big Offensive.  Right?  Wrong. The Big Surprise kiboshed the whole thingamagig.

Itmaan:  An entire nest of straggling, devil-worshiping cannibals was annihilated by SAA.  The rats have lost their morale and simply await death.

Simleen to the West:   In the Al-Kassaara (stone quarry) area, 8 rodents bit the dust – 3 were from Jordan but carrying false identification as confirmed by the 7 rats taken prisoner:

  • Amjad Al-Mutlaq
  • Faysal Hawaasima
  • ‘Abdul-Hameed Qumbaaz
  • Muhammad Daagher
  • Marwaan Al-Hallaaq

Al-Nu’ayma, Al-Yarmouk School and the Post Office in the City saw action with no details.



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