In a shattering response to a “well-planned” attack on the Hanaanu Barracks, the Syrian Arab Army lays down devastation by killing 184 rodents belonging to the Nusra, Jabhat Al-Islam, Ahl Al-Shaam and Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen.  This must have been concocted by the Saudis because it bore all the signs of simian simplicity and utterly vapid planning.

First of all, let us explain that the name Hanaanu is associated with the struggle against French occupation and oppression.  Ibraaheem Hanaanu (1869-1935) was an Aleppan leader of the revolt against the blood-sucking French who divided up Natural Syria at the end of WWI with the equally noisome Brits.  His devotion to his country is legendary as was his intelligence and perspicacity. The symbolism of attacking this site on a day when Syrians were celebrating the “French Evacuation Day” holiday, should not be lost on anyone.

At about 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, a force of about 2,500 rodents cobbled together from the rat groups mentioned earlier implemented a plan whose major facet was the first-time use of exploding tunnels to divert the attention of the defending SAA/NDF troops after which they would start bombing them with mortars and short-range ground-to-ground missiles.  What the rats did not know was that, for reasons which cannot be disclosed, the SAA had a heads-up about the details of their operation which gave field commanders the opportunity to prepare a counter-ambush that would result in the deaths of more than 184 of the enemy vermin, not to mention an estimated 500 wounded.

The plan was to dig tunnels up to and under the barracks.  According to the Lebanese Al-Safeer newspaper, they poured tons of ordnance into the tunnels.  Once the explosives were in place, the idea was to coordinate the explosions with a fierce bombardment of frontal SAA defensive positions followed by a mass attack with flatbeds armed with Doschkas and hundreds of savages following close behind.

Unbeknownst to the Saudi-supported troglodytes, the SAA had quietly pulled out front line defenders and concentrated them in the rear lines of the housing units.  Thus, when the tunnels exploded, nobody was killed.  And when the rats overran the devastated area over the tunnels, they were surprised to find nobody to kill or cannibalize.  At this point, MI began to follow rat communications as their leaders smelled a…well…… a rat.  At approximately 8:25 a.m., the sun was  shining resplendently on a smoke-filled field in which hundreds of rats had converged.  Spotters zeroed in on areas where the rodents were most numerous and reported this to field commanders who ordered massive artillery salvos and alerted the SAAF.  At 8:32 a.m., Sukhois and MiGs started flying sorties over the area in question directing laser-guided air-to-ground missiles at the now-panicking rodents.  With artillery and aircraft pounding them, SAA infantry moved in once the first salvos were spent and emitted a torrent of lead across the entire northern area of the barracks compound.  With victory assured, and destruction unavoidable, a field commander ordered a Hind helicopter to drop a 500lb thermobaric barrel-bomb right atop the scurrying rodents.  This is why some witnesses claim they heard a “giant thud” during the battle.

The rats were not satisfied with their own humiliated cadres in need of unavailable medical attention.  They withdrew to areas adjacent to Haydariyya and began recklessly bombing civilian areas of Sayf-Al-Dawla, Sulaymaniniyya, Al-Shaykh ‘Ali and Al-Maydaan.  My wife’s nephews and my brother-in-law live in Sulaymaaniniyya.  They are fine.

All told, Aleppo hospitals treated hundreds of civilians but, 300+ are confirmed killed by the Erdoghani/Saudi terrorist rodents.


Now completely in the hands of the SAA.  Do not believe any of the propaganda mills set up by the CIA or MI6.  This is confirmed.  While we do expect pockets of rat resistance, this area is now in the hands of the Syrian government.


An assault on the Air Force Intelligence HQ in Aleppo went awry. The entire area is firmly in the hands of the SAA.  (See yesterdays map).

The Great Citadel:

A tunnel dug from the Citadel in the direction of Al-Suwayqa was uncovered, its contents siezed and the tunnel destroyed.

Khaan Al-‘Asal:

A warehouse with weapons and ammunition destroyed.  A large explosion was heard here as 16 rats were killed inside the inferno.


A nest of rat leaders who were meeting to discuss plans for more outrages were the subject of a Howitzer shell courtesy of the Syrian army.  All were non-Arabs and in a messy state.

Fighting reported in all these areas as part of Operation Canopus Star (‘Amaliyat Al-Suhayl):

  • Al-Saakhoor Quarter, Shaykh Sa’eed, Dhahra ‘Abed Rabbuh, Kafr Sagheer, Kafr Hamra, Kafr Halab, Khawaabi Al-‘Asal, ‘Ibteen, Huraytaan (pickup with Doschka destroyed), Al-Zabadiyya, Awram, Shatarat Al-Haajeb, Al-Raashideen, Al-Shuhd, Bustaan Al-Qasr, Maari’, Al-Khissa, Al-Ataareb, ‘Itteen, ‘Azzaan, ‘Anadaan, Al-Raamoosa area, Al-Jubayla, Industrial Zone, and Central Prison area.
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