Syrian army attack: The remote town, home to 3,000 Lebanese and around 5,000 Syrian refugees was also reportedly attacked on Tuesday (File/AFP)


The traitors to the flag and people of Syria are betting all their chips on the rodent foreigners in Aleppo.  Why, some, like Kamal Labwaani, have promised the Zionist Prime Minister, Benny Mileikowski (a/k/a “Netanyahu”) many kisses and all the Golan Heights if the Zionist Settler State would invade Labwaani’s own former country!  If that isn’t a gas, then, well?…..Well, what?

Al-ZahraaAl-Layramoon Quarters:

Oh, they’re at it again; attacking a fortified citadel on a flat plain with every bit of muscle and gray matter they can muster.  Just like the old scenario at the Central Prison.  They haven’t tried suicide drivers yet because they can’t find any willing to go up in a mist one mile before they get to the menacing walls of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence HQ in Aleppo.  The AFI HQ is designed in a way to prevent suicide bombers.  Besides being mined from all sides, sturdy trees have been planted around the building to prevent just the kind of silliness only these Islamist freaks can conjure up.  This means that the pathways to the building are limited with dug in infantry everywhere armed with Kornet anti-armor missiles that can make a TNT-laden truck go “Poof” in seconds. No, it appears their efforts are as boring as their conversations.

Another problem is the large number of troops in the area with hundreds of artillery pieces such as the one at the Al-Zahraa Artillery Base just a little less than one kilometer away.  Oh, dear, dear, dear.  Wael says the area around the AFI HQ is spotted with many fertilizer bags in the form of rat carcasses.

Syria’s AFI is the most secretive of all the agencies in a country where secrecy is king.  During the time of Lt. General Muhammad Al-Khawli’s stewardship, and even during his successor’s, Ibraaheem Al-Huwayji, it was the most effective and feared of all Syria’s counter-intelligence agencies.  In fact, it was well understood that General Al-Khawli was the overarching intelligence supremo who chaired President Haafezh Al-Assad’s Joint Intelligence Committee, that is, until the Hindaawi Affair.  But, for the record, AFI HQ is formally in Damascus.  The building the rats are trying to take over contains nothing which will advance their miserable reactionary cause.

Yesterday, the SAA killed 72 rats trying to invade the area of the AFI HQ in Aleppo.  Be careful about propaganda sites like SOHR and Yalla Souriya, they are being coordinated to provide morale-boosting nonsense for the otherwise defeated rodents.

Al-Layramoon:  The map tells it all.  The fighting here is intense and involves an effort by the SAA to sweep around rodent positions in order to strangle them.

Fighting reported in all these areas:

  • Al-Sha’aar, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Al-Rashideen, Maysaloon, Al-Sukkari, Jandool Roundabout, Al-Haydariyya, Al-Saakhoor, Hanaanu Residencies, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Khaan Toomaan, Industrial Zone, Central Prison area, Rasm Al-‘Abbood, ‘Irbeed, Kafr Hamraa, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbu, Baab Al-Hadeed, Tal Rif’aat, Judayda, Kuwayris. 


John Esq. sends this exceptionally interesting article about the Hersh expose which contains the predicate article too:



(Thanks, Dudley and Raad)

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