Hawsh Al-‘Arab:  The Syrian Army has completely wiped out every trace of rodent terrorists from this town leaving only Faaleeta on the Lebanese border to delouse. Faaleeta is under the complete artillery control of the SAA and no rat can go in or leave without immense risk. SyrPer predicts that the SAA will enter Faleeta over the next 6 days through a frontal attack or by virtue of negotiated settlement mediated by very nervous townspeople.

In Hawsh Al-‘Arab, the SAA unearthed a large factory which manufactured IEDs and specially booby-trapped tires.  All ordnance will be used to kill Saudis and Erdoghani Turks. Also, the SAA found a field hospital loaded with pharmaceuticals from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Zabadaani:  This lovely summer resort town is not a burning issue for the SAA.  It is largely held by former FSA rodents who luckily originate in the area and are known personally to the townsfolk.  It has never been a conduit for transfer of weapons or terrorists.  Even if the SAA were to leave the town in the hands of a joint patrol made up of the FSA irregulars and NDF, it would have no impact on the campaign in the Qalamoon. It will all depend now on how much the president wants to make a symbolic show of clearing it and bringing it under 100% central government control.  If the Syrian Army were to direct itself to Zabadaani in order to delouse it, SyrPer predicts its fall within hours.

With the entire Qalamoon under the sway of Damascus, we can say with confidence that over 20,000 combat troops will be released for service elsewhere.  We suspect that Aleppo will play a major role in how the SAA High Command directs its forces.

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