انفجار ميكروباص مفخخ بعدد من الإرهابيين في ريف حمص الشرقي

Jubb Habl Village and Mannookh Road:

a Hyndai microbus went up in flames when explosives inside, having been stored, transported and rigged, ignited before the vehicle could be parked in a town to kill innocent civilians.  The explosion killed all 4 rats inside:

  • Nassreddeen Al-Haffaar (Known “genius” bomb-maker and child molester)
  • Khaleel Abu-Ahmad
  • Muhammad-‘Ali Muhammad

The fourth could not be identified since his documents were consumed in the fire.

Jubb Al-Jandali: 

Desperate rodents from the Nusra tried to escape the noose around their nests by moving along the periphery of this quarter to reach other rodents in Al-Warsha.  It did not work and 16 rodents were killed. All were foreign as determined by physical appearance,  literature in cargo pockets, local citizen information and intercepted communications.

Waadi Al-Saayeh:

This area has now been certified “rat-free” after the SAA killed 5 rodents inside the St. George Church effectively ridding this quarter of all the stinking vermin.  I have no names.  All foreign.

Baab Hood:

Only an estimated 200 rats inside this area and they are starving to death.  All are foreigners.  That is determined by the communications intercepted and testimony of locals who have come to know these rodents by names Yesterday, the SAA confirmed 22 dead rats with none being identified.  All carcasses had no documents on them, evidently because surviving litter-mates took their papers in an effort to conceal their identities.

Al-Qusoor: Fighting with no details.

Al-Ghantu: Ditto.


NDF and SAA killed 9 rats in a firefight with 10 surrendering in different states of ill health.  No names available.

South Al-Mashjar:  A reported 4 rats killed and an undisclosed number taken prisoner.

Bayt Raabi’ah: On-going firefight about to end.  Negotiations for rat surrender expected.

‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  Fighting with no details.

Daar Al-Kabeera:  This town is completely surrounded now.  The army base to its northwest has sufficient troops  poised to move in for the last kill.  We will announce this shortly.

  • Umm Sharshooh, Hawsh Hajju (2 pickups with cannons destroyed), Al-Sa’an, Al-Qaraabees, Al-Khaalidiyya Village, ‘Ayn Hussayn, West Dayr Fool, Al-Ghajar

all saw action yesterday and last night.


Wael reports that the citizens of Homs, to a man and woman, are desperate to see riddance from these vermin.  Letters from prominent Homsis are given regularly to officers with a request they be given to the president. All the letters demand a quick end to the rodent presence in the city.

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