Syrian Perspective can confirm the surrender and settlement of 115 terrorist files yesterday in the area of Qunaytra.  These individuals who once took on the shape of rodents are now members of a civilized society.  They were residents and terrorists in the following areas:

  • Nab’ Al-Sakhr
  • Al-Ba’ath City
  • Jibaata Al-Khashab
  • Taranjaa
  • Khaan Arnaba
  • Mash’ara



In the area of Zabadaani, 56 former vermin surrendered themselves and weapons to the security services in exchange for amnesty and the hope they can return to a normal life.  The amount of weapons and ammunition in this area was quite substantial with much concealed underground.  The NDF will make good use of these weapons in killing rodents on the Golan and in the Hawraan. 

Al-Shifooniyya Farms:

The Syrian Army eliminated a large nest of rodents with artillery fire followed by mop-up operations with NDF:

  • Adnaan Al-Mousaa
  • Mahmoud Haafezh
  • Husaameddeen Al-Wali
  • Talaal Al-Kalloofi
  • Ziyaad Maghribi
  • Adham Jabboor
  • Muwaffaq Dhubyaan
  • Amjad Ahmad

Another 12 could not be identified and are thought to be foreigners.


An attack on the Police Infirmary to the east was repelled.  No details.

Al-Maleeha:  Obama’s favorite criminals in the Jabhat Al-Nusra announced they had destroyed the Tamico Pharmaceutical Company Factory in Al-Maleeha yesterday. It was pure propaganda. We cannot deny there was an organized attempt to deprive the Syrian people of medicine by leveling mortar fire at the company, however, Monzer says the damage was not “substantial” and that the factory is repairable.   WE WANT TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE TO BARACK OBAMA FOR SUPPORTING THESE NIHILIST RODENTS WHO ARE TRYING TO EXTERMINATE THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA BY DENYING THEM MEDICINE. IT WON’T WORK, OBAMA.  Your rats are dying by the hundreds, WAR CRIMINAL!  WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN PEOPLE, OBAMA, THERE ARE MILLIONS WHO ARE STARVING.





Well it appears that the troglodyte “king” of Arabia has human daughters who inspire even cynics like Ziad:

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