تدمير منصتي صواريخ.. والقضاء على 39 إرهابياً في ريف اللاذقية الشمالي


The Syrian Army killed 8 rats and wounded a reported 21 in a firefight near this town.  4 pickups, 3 of which were mounted with 23mm cannons were destroyed.

‘Ayn Hamra in Muhambal area:  SAA combat veterans at the Ma’sara Military Checkpoint were alerted to the presence of a convoy of pickups and vans approaching from ‘Ayn Hamra.  Rather than wait for the rats to reach a desired position, the commander on the ground called in an airstrike while his unit sped southwest to meet up with the panic-stricken vermin.  All 19 rats were killed in the battle. No names have arrived and most are believed to be foreign.

Jannat Al-Quraa: Skirmish with Chechens.  No details.


Anb Village in the Jisr Al-Shughoor area:   Fighting with no details.



An IED exploded prematurely as it was being readied for deployment to kill innocent Syrian civilians:

  • Firaas Waheed Al-Noor
  • Mustafaa Al-Dasooki (EGYPTIAN ASP SECRETION)


Upper Qastoon:

Fighting with no details.


Al-Sahn south of the Al-Rooj Plain: Ditto.


Tal Ghazaal:  Ditto.



Yarmouk Park:  An attempted infiltration into a military outpost led to failure and 10 dead rats.


 Der’ah City:

The SAA annihilated a command-and-control nest operated by the soon-to-be-extinct  “Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob” (Unification of the South Battalion. Yawn)  The SAA is not revealing the names of the 10 or more rodents for reasons that must have to do with a strategy in the city.


Syrian Army

Yarmouk School:

Fighting with no details.


Nawaa:  A nest of rats obliterated.


Fighting in these areas:

  • Al-Nu’ayma, ‘Itmaan northwest and east of the Black Mosque, Simleen Jaassem Road, Saydaa, Al-Khaleel Mosque and east of the Journalists’ Building in the city, South of the Old Customs Building, Al-Naaziheen Camp, Al-Hammaadeen Quarter, Al-Yaadoodaa, Al-Muzayreeb, Daa’el, Jaassem (now under complete SAA control).




الجيش السوري يعيد انتشاره.. وأيادٍ إسرائيلية أشعلت معركة غرب درعا..؟   


On the road to Maleehat Al-‘Atsh near the Old Mosque in rural Der’ah.  9 rats killed and several wounded and taken prisoner.

There is now talk of a move from the Southern Front to the Golan Front.  That the Zionists are now violating the terms of the Truce Lines and the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement is not lost on anyone. Syria is free today to open up its borders to Palestinians (if any remain interested) to fight the Zionist occupier.  The Southern Front is being exaggerated in the Western news media; being blown up into something akin to a major force.  Our sources tell us that they would be lucky to have more than 7,000 rats, hardly enough to challenge the SAA.  Jordan’s role remains puzzling – typical of the Hashemite clan and its historic treachery.  Whether King Abdullah II likes it or not, he is being sucked in to a plot from which he cannot escape unscathed.



On April 29, 2014, the SAA struck at the Zionist plan with a vengeance by destroying an entire pack of rats on the Sa’sa’ – Tal Al-Sahm Road.  I have been told that the amount of weapons seized could arm an entire regiment of the NDF.  No names available.


Watch these rats confess to receiving orders from Saudi apes and Erdoghani Turk vermin:

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