Well, it’s been some weeks since that wild-and-wooly foray into previously untouched territory.  The mercenary Armies of Darkness bellowed pompously about their new “outlet to the sea” and their foothold in Armenian Kasab, so close to the president’s home town and center of power.  Guffaw-inducing reportage from the BBC, with its fustian-filled Cantabrigian/Oxonian pronouncements, to pump up the “groundbreaking” achievements of the self-same vermin the British government would be loath to repatriate in Jolly Olde England smacked of the same hip-hip-hurrah we first heard when Cameron and his bald-pated eunuch, William Hague, began to snooker the European public with grandiose visions of a Syria freed from “Assad’s tyrannical grip” by an England-cum-allies all rooted in the principles of “Fraternite, Egalite, Liberte”.  Oh, yawn.  Mr. Cameron never disclosed that the mercenaries he had picked to replace Dr. Assad were savages, barbarians, decapitators, cannibals and social freaks.  Well, it didn’t work back then and it’s not working now.  Terribly sorry.

The rodents are trapped with no way out.  And they can’t get in either. As we reported, Erdoghan’s spooks on the other side of the border with Hatay won’t let them withdraw unless they’re non-Arab.  Go figure.  And the Syrian Army won’t let them advance.  They are like sardines in a tin made for anchovies.  Or rats in a maze designed for mice.


2 speeding flatbeds with 2 launchers were launched out of existence yesterday by infantrymen who are now all over the mountainsides with nothing to do but wait for nice fat targets. Spotters reported an estimated 6 dead with the remaining rodents dying of their wounds.


Another 2 flatbeds with foreign mercenaries and leaders aboard were vaporized to the north of the town.

Al-Nisr Mountain

(SAA control):  SAA and NDF fighters espied a convoy of pick-ups with missile launchers and destroyed all of them. I have no details.



Nab’ Al-Murr

(The Bitter Spring): More fun with pickups, 3 destroyed with a confirmed 22 rodents killed – all laying on the sides of roads rotting.

Jabal Al-Kooz:

2 warehouses were uncovered containing missiles, IEDs, 7 launchers and a mortar. No rat-stats.


(The Two Springs): At the Auction House, SAA snipers killed 5 rodents who are also rotting in the orchards.

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