To the south.  The SAA has found one of the last warehouses used by the Salafist rodents to store their weapons in the eastern part of the north coastal mountains.  Inside were boxes of ammunition which were desperately needed by abandoned rodents in Kasab and Al-Samraa.  The SAA came upon the cache by following a pack of rats from the Jabhat Al-Islam who were dressed in mufti and traveling in a commercial flatbed on a road no longer traversed by any sensible person.  It did not take long to figure out that the Mitsubishi van was up to no good.  Evidently, NDF were ordered to delay the van by shooting out its tires which was accomplished swiftly.  When the van  stopped, the rats inside disclosed their identity by firing wildly at the wooded mountainsides.  Once they had run out of ammunition, the NDF moved in with SAA back-up and arrested 3 individuals.  As soon as MI interrogators arrived, their rat-fink confessions and courteous assistance were quick and business-like.  They led our soldiers to the warehouse located to the southeast of the town looking out at Kafr Dilba. There were crates of shells for AK47s, homemade missiles, Captagon, 6 RPGs and rockets and 2 mortars.  The NDF will enjoy firing all these at the desperate rodents nearby in Kasab.

But, that’s not all. One of the 3 rats was a very young Tunisian who was anxiously trying to distance himself from the “hero Jihadists” with him.  He gave the MI agents a map showing the location of a factory for making IEDs which contained TNT and C-4 manufactured in Saudi Arabia by Pakistani slave laborers.


تدمير وكر متزعمي الإرهابيين في تلبيسة.. وخسائر كبيرة بصفوفهم في حي الوعر



All readers know that SyrPer exposed the grandiose – nay – pompous insipidity of Western media claims that the arrival of rodents at Al-Samraa’s coast meant they finally had “an outlet to the sea”.  If the truth be told, the rats would be lucky to have water deep enough to accommodate a canoe or raft, much less a sound vessel capable of delivering anything but falafel sandwiches.  And so the story goes.

The rats at Al-Samra have a serious problem: 70 or more wounded litter-mates with suppurating wounds which require urgent medical attention.  SyrPer can assure its readers that the Islamist Turk government of Caliph Recep Tayyip Erdoghan is unwilling to do anything but attempt to send doctors in the form of sacrificial lambs to treat them. Boo hoo hoo.  In fact, there are unconfirmed reports of Chechen rats executing fellow Arab rodents who suggest turning the wounded cannibals over to the SAA for medical treatment.  Such is the problem existing today for those who chose to fight in the mountain fastnesses of Syria where 99.99% of the population supports the central government.


The armed mercenary savages are now fighting one another, if not because of ideology and tactics, then, for ammunition, food or gold Armenian crucifixes.  It’s not easy foraging around the Kasab area while in the crosshairs of SAA and NDF snipers.  Yesterday, Wael reported 12 rodents shot to death by our stalwart snipers.  MI intercepts of rat communications indicate serious disputes over what to do now that their loudly-trumpeted Western-BBC-ABC-CBC-AC/DC campaign has ground to a halt.  Only non-Arabs can return to Turkish-Occupied Syria where they reportedly receive medical treatment, yoghurt and traditional Turkish encouragement.  The Turks are not allowing their Jihadist allies to leave – such is laurelled Turkish hospitality.  As a member of NATO, the Turkish government can’t allow these barbarians to return to home countries where they are likely to reprise the savagery they were sent to practice in Syria.

Conclusion:  The campaign in Kasab has turned out to be another cul de sac a huis clos pour les pauvres rongeurs.  Expect mass surrender soon or the stench of putrescence settling on the beaches.

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