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All my life I was told that the Lebanese voting public preferred the qabadhaay – the tough guy, the can-do gangster who mocks the established order to accomplish his ends.  Like the heroes of ancient Greece, e.g. Odysseus,  Lebanese heroes astonish the reader with their ruthless nature, their unscrupulous resolve to reach their goals, even if it means disappointing a naive, admiring audience.  For in the end, it’s the one who scales the summit who garners all the adulation.

Has the Lebanese public’s love affair with the plucky hero, who bends the laws of ethics and physics to reach the unreachable star, also extended a bit further to elect a president who is a confirmed gangster, war criminal, infanticide, fake medical doctor and recidivist murderer?  Hmmm.  Someone must think so because Samir Geagea and his Lebanese Forces have announced his readiness to become Lebanon’s next Maronite president.

Hariri Pere, (peut etre), seen here standing with fellow thief and charlatan, Jacques Chirac. The latter was so woe-ridden, he would borrow the billionaire’s Paris apartment and pine away over goose pate and stolen bottles of champagne.


Rafik Hariri, the Saudi-nurtured cuckold billionaire, became Lebanon’s Sunni Prime Minister after the Civil War because he was in Levantine parlance: a qabadhaay.  People wanted somebody with the wherewithal to make things happen – the contacts to put in effect grandiose plans for the revitalization of war-scarred Lebanon.  Money into security – security into investments – investments into classic Lebanese skullduggery.  He was the Man of the Hour. Even if his Solidaire turned out to be scam, the important thing was he scammed the right people and got away with it. So what if he destroyed Saahat Al-Burj and turned it into some plastic looking, faux Ottoman seraglio or a lifeless red light district, he did it and thumbed his nose at the gainsayers.  He was the ultimate Canaanite hero.

Let’s forget Hariri’s infatuation with the Saudi Arabian zoo – a pre-Iron Age dominion comparable to Planet of the Apes with one difference: the apes in the novel were intelligent.  The apes in Saudi Arabia, are, well…..just apes. But they’re rich because white men found oil under the vast stretches of historically vapid sand dunes and turned the kingdom of the Empty Quarter into the Kingdom of Dissolute Simian Yokels – the Beverly Hillbillies in Nightshirts – Ma and Pa Kettle Do the Haaj. 

Hariri’s only Deadly Sin was hooking up with these specimens from Olduvai Gorge.

But Samir Geagea.  Well. That’s a different tale to be told.  If Qabadhaay means being a war criminal – sociopath (as Mossad confirmed) – or infanticide, then Lebanon is about to make a major U-Turn in the annals of its short, historical progression.


Before June 13, 1978, the Mossad had decided that its plan to assassinate Tony Franjieh, slay his wife and baby, had to be carried out by someone who had no conscience.  It had to be someone who could sleep at night with the blood of innocent children on his hands.  A sociopath was required for this kind of wet operation.  They told Bashir Gemayel, it had to be Geagea.

On that Summer day, Geagea drove up to the Frangieh ancestral town of Ihdin with an armed group of Lebanese Forces thugs at battalion strength, and began the process of killing everyone they could find around the Frangieh home.  Inside the battalion were 3 individuals picked by Geagea to kill Frangieh and his family.

Lies were invented to make it seem as though Geagea was not able to carry out his end of the operation because a shot fired from a defender wounded his hand which necessitated a swift return to the Hotel Dieu in Beirut for treatment.  This was an absolute lie and made no sense when one thinks that Tripoli was much closer  —  or  — Geagea’s own ancestral town of Bishirri was a short trip away.

He was there at all times and has admitted to killing Tony and his family.  (See video of his confession above).

He is also implicated in the murders of these individuals:

  • Rasheed Karaami (former PM of Lebanon)
  • Ilyaas Zaayek (Leb.Forces leader)
  • Daani Cha’oon, his wife and children (ages 5- 7)
  • Michel Al-Murr (Lebanese politician)
  • Ghayth Khouri (A Phalangist member in Byblos)
  • Emil ‘Azaar (A Leb. Forces member)
  • Fu’aad Abi Naader (A Leb Forces leader)
  • Elie Hobayqa
  • Brig.Gen. Khaleel Kan’aan

Lebanon will never be the same if Geagea becomes its president. Hizbollah will have to make its move to extract the Shi’a from the dreadful pall of his Zionist provenience, essentially starting another civil war.  Like Benny Mileikowski, (a/k/a Netanyahu), a Jewish zealont,  Geagea fancies himself the protector of Christianity in the Lebanon and sees his narrow universe in a Messianic way.  Such crackpots inevitably bring disease, plague and catastrophe to everything they touch.  They bring anarchy and death.

I sincerely hope there are Lebanese out there who still have some self-respect.  If there are, this is their opportunity to reaffirm a commitment to the civilization they always arrogantly claim to have started all by themselves.  ZAF




Isn’t Western interference in Ukrainian affairs wonderful?  Let’s see what the do-gooders are doing:



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