We don’t hold out much hope for the 23 new candidates for president who have registered with the Supreme Court and we hold out zero hope for the exiled opposition traitors who don’t meet the requirement of having lived in Syria during the last 10 years.  In the case of Ghassan Hitto, formerly the chief of NACOSROF, or the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, he hasn’t even been to Syria during the last 42 years, having escaped his own country in order to evade the draft, but wound up in Texas to set up his own Muslim Brother Barbecue Bistro and Prayer Emporium.  Only the 17th man has a chance and that’s Dr. Assad.

Here are the candidates:

  1. ‘Ali Muhammad Wannoos from Homs and 41 years old;
  2. ‘Izzaat Muhammad Wajeeh Al-Hallaaq from Damascus and 52 years old;
  3. Talee’ Saaleh Naasser, 47 years old;
  4. Sameeh Mikhaa’eel Moosaa, 51 years old and the only Christian to run;
  5. Sawsan ‘Umar Al-Haddaad, a mechanical engineer from, Samandeel,  Latakia, former Ba’ath Party member and 51 years old;
  6. Sameer Ahmad Mu’allaa from Qunaytra and 53 years old;
  7. Muhammad Firaas Yaaseen Rajjooh from Damascus and 48 years old;
  8. ‘Abdul-Salaam Yusuf Salaama from Al-‘Uthmaaniyya, Homs, and 43 years old;
  9. Maaher ‘Abdul-Haafezh Hajjaar from Aleppo;
  10. Hassan Al-Noori;
  11. Muhammad  Khaleel Halbooni, 46 years old, from Harastaa, Damascus;
  12. Muhammad Hassan Kan’aan, 50 years old from Al-Sanamayn, Der’ah;
  13. Ahmad Hassoon Al-‘Abbood, 52 years old from Al-Mayadeen, Dayr El-Zor;
  14. Khaaled ‘Abdu Al-Kuraydi, 48 years old;
  15. Bashshaar Al-Balah, 81 years old from Damascus;
  16. Ayman Shamdeen Al-‘Issaa, 47 years old from Al-Husayniyya;
  17. Dr. Bashshaar Haafezh Al-Assad, born in Damascus and is 49 years old;
  18. Ziyaad ‘Adnaan Hakawaati born in Damascus and is 59 years old;
  19. Ahmad ‘Ali Qusay’ah born in Jabaq and is 63 years old;
  20. Muhammad Muhammad Nassr Mahmoud from Al-Zhaahiriyya and is 45 years old;
  21. ‘Ali Hassan Al-Hassan from Dayr Siraas and is 49 years old;
  22. Ahmad Dhabba from North Ta’izza and is 45 years old;
  23. Mahmoud Naaji Moussaa from Palmyra and is 63 years old;
  24. Hussayn Muhammad Teejaan from Aleppo and 53 years old.

Only 3 will secure sufficient support in the People’s Assembly to run in a final election.  It is expected that Dr. Assad will receive the lion’s share of the votes.  The one Christian may be deprived of his chance because of a clause in the Constitution that requires any candidate to be “of the Islamic faith”.

We are pleased to inform our readers that, based on information in the media, not a one of the candidates has any history of pimping (Jarbaa), treason (Hijaab), desertion (Idrees), extortion (Jarbaa), fraud (Jarbaa), murder (Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani), war crimes (Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Abdullah of KSA, Hamad and Madame Banana, Erdoghan and Merkel), membership in a prohibited organization (Hitto) or heavy breathing (Sabra).

We expect a paroxysm of violence leading up to the elections as “democratic” Western governments do their utmost to kibosh the democratic process.  Not to worry, though, the SAA has taken all that into consideration.  Expect a decent turnout of voters, especially in the areas which have been secured by the SAA and NDF.  We want to thank the terrorist organizations supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the NATO cabal for preventing voters in their diminishing areas from exercising their voting rights.

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