The Jabhat Al-Nusra could not have been clearer. It has announced a full withdrawal from all Homs in anticipation of the SAA’s long-awaited assault on their last holdouts.  Ziad will tranlate the communique for SyrPer readers:


“In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and the Merciful.  A plea for absolution from guilt to Allah and his Messenger.  A letter asking for assistance from the Jihadists of Homs to their brothers in the Syria of Allah’s Messenger.  Praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of the Worlds who said in the superb revelation:  “If they ask you for help in faith, you must help”.  (Trans.Note: Quran, 8/72 Al-Anfaal)  And the most preferred of prayer and submission (to Allah) for His servant and His Messenger who said:  ‘If the people of Syria have become corrupted there is no goodness in you.  A part of my community is still aided (by Allah); he who has forsaken them has not hurt them until the hour is manifest’.  And (the Messenger), May his Lord’s prayers be upon Him, who said: ‘A Muslim is a Muslim’s brother; he shall neither oppress nor abandon him’…….And now:

“After more than two years of siege inflicted upon besieged Homs, and what multifarious forms of dissention accompanied that and what ordeals made it ashen with grief and the suffering and sacrifices only known to Allah, (May He be praised), we direct ourselves to issue this message to the leaders of the Jihad in the Syria of the Messenger of Allah, as the matter has reached finality, so as to place them before their responsibilities and so as to absolve ourselves before Allah and His Messenger and his faithful believers, assuring them of the following:

Homs has sustained the burden of the revolution in its peaceful stage and blocked him who would stop it.  And it was the quickest to take up arms.  In both circumstances, it paid an heavy price.

The majority of Jihadists in besieged Homs have exhausted the limits of their energy in withstanding the consequences of the siege, the abandonment by him who is both near and far and the trading with the future of the city.

“The reason for turning the city over is because of starvation.  Abandonment has become nearly the only choice.  And it is the most likely thing to occur if the situation does not change during the next two days. 

“The ‘regime’ has offered the Jihadists departure from the city with their individual weapons.

“We, therefore, prior to handing the city over, because of our inability to continue with the dearth of support and increasing abandonment, ask for your help through Allah.

Our blood is mixed with yours as our necks (literally: “throats”) are linked to yours.  We have adhered to our covenant as much as we could.  Do not leave us to one so close who glowers over us or an enemy who awaits stealthily for us.  All means of sustenance have been cut off for us.  But, the Mercy of Allah is more vast.  This is a moment of truth before Allah and your people.  This is the moment of Allah and history.  Do not abandon us in a place which is the most desirable for us to be supported.

“We shall await your response for 24 hours.  The city might be invaded during the next 48 hours.

“May Allah reward you with goodness and place this, your knowledge, on the scales of your good deeds.

“Allah prevails over His affairs, but most people do not know.” 

Translation: Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq.

This is the end of the wretched message from rodents inside Homs.  We can confirm that the final invasion of the city is at hand and that no rat will be given quarter.

Boo hoo hoo.  The people of Old Homs can’t wait to see these rats leave.  And then we’ll kill them all.

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