We have been reading about a new terrorist organization created by the United States War Criminal government of Barack Obama.  The group, according to our sources, is exclusively made up of trainees at U.S. terrorism base in Jordan who were ordered out by the Jordanian government as part of King Abdullah’s recent volte face. Some estimates have put them at 1,000, a suspiciously round figure. What is notable about them are two things: the first is that they are trusted to use both TOW anti-tank rockets and soon-to-be-delivered anti-aircraft missiles (MANPADS) which the liar, Obama, claimed he would not deliver to “radicals”.  The second is how inept the U.S. operators are in that they have not yet discovered the BIG SURPRISE which has now moved to Turkey.  We can’t wait until they do. Obama is heading for the historical abyss of slapstick history as he pursues this crackpot policy with 8 sheets to the wind.

The new U.S.-created terrorist rat organization is called “Harakat Hazm”.  It is an effort by the CIA handlers to give it a distinctive aura to separate it from the indistinguishable pot pourri of brigades, battalions, heirs and the like. It means “The Resolute Movement” (Oh, please spare us!) and its purpose is not yet understood, and may never be, because it will fall apart quite soon.


Al-Raashideen:  32 rodents were confirmed killed by spotters as the SAA and NDF relentlessly strike at rat positions in this soon-to-be liberated suburb of Aleppo.  The rats have run out of access to reinforcements and many are jumping ship to make it out to ‘Anadaan or parts north.

Intense fighting reported here:

Industrial Zone, Central Prison, Kafr Hamraa, Huraytaan, Daarat ‘Izza, Al-Ataareb, Bani Zayd, Al-Layramoon, Africanus Restaurant, Maa’rrat Al-Arteeq, Al-Mansoora, ‘Azzaan, Kafr Daa’el, Kuwayris, Al-Judayda, Khaan Al-‘Asal at the Journalist’s Association.    


Tal Salmu, Al-Dibshiyya, Abu Dhuhoor, Talab, Umm Jareen, Al-Buwaydha, Bayyaa’iyyat Al-Sukhna and West Al-Munayzil southeast of Areeha.

All these areas saw some action.


Al-Bu-Kamaal: (On the Iraqi border) 91 rats killed in fighting between ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra.  We support the efforts of both these gangs to render the other extinct.  What more can we do?


Al-Kirizli:  (It rhymes with “Firizli”. Borders Homs Province)

A fuel truck semi hauling two tanks loaded with TNT exploded in this village for sole purpose of killing civilians.  It was detonated by a suicide bomber near the village school.  2 children were killed and 10 injured with the school being completely destroyed.  The timing of the blast was clearly left to the discretion of the cockroach who operated the tanker truck.  He miscalculated since the school was not quite full.  This is another Obama war crime.


NSNBC has a sense of humor. Fogg of War. It’s appropriate. Actually, it’s better as “Fag of War”.  But,      enjoy this trenchant attack on this mindless vermin:


I’m in good humor today. Read this side-splitting article from Lew Rockwell about the Ukraine, polls and American knowledge of geography. You’ll love it:


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