It should be obvious to everyone that the terrorist communique translated and published by SyrPer last week should have heralded the end of the rat presence in Old Homs.  It actually did.  Almost every Syrian rat turned himself in to the authorities for Amnesty consideration.  Some were, of course, army deserters who had to be treated differently pursuant to the Syrian Army’s Code of Military Justice.  However, as Syria’s Permanent Delegate to the U.N., Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, said yesterday, “almost all the remaining terrorists are foreigners”.  These foreign skunks know there is no amnesty for them – in fact – the only future to which they can look forward is the cremation of their carcasses.  And so they fight on.

The Syrian Army has taken control of many buildings in the Baab Hood area as more tanks and armor keep pouring in now that the MI people have confirmed no more RPGs or Kornets available to the trapped rats.  They are surrounded with no hope of escape.  The areas being consumed by the legitimate armed forces of the Syrian state are:

  • Baab Hood
  • Al-Hameediyya
  • Al-Qusoor
  • Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah
  • Waadi Al-Saayeh

Al-Qaraabees:  Here, SAA infantrymen found a warehouse stockpiled with drugs and useless launchers.  All the evidence indicates that the occupants were foreigners. This is determined by the literature found at the scene.



Jibaab Hamad: (A jubb is a “well”).  In the central Homs area, guards at the Gas Production Factory repelled an attack and killed 26. The guards even secured the dropped weapons and ammunition including all munitions in the 2 vans they destroyed. Good show.

Al-‘Abbaasiyya:  On the Tadmur-Damscus Road.  12 IEDs with 30-40kg payloads were dismantled by sappers.

Al-Sukkari:  A tunnel occupied by rodents was discovered and stealthily prepared for destruction.  All 13 rodents inside were killed after being given the opportunity to surrender.  For some reason, they didn’t mind being buried alive.  So convenient, really.  After all, there was no need to dig them separate graves.

Daar Al-Kabeera:  The SAA preempted a mortar strike on surrounding villages by opening fire on a pack of rodents setting up their instruments of death.  All 6 were killed.

Skirmishing reported in these areas:  Al-Ghantu, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Abu Hawaadeet, Jurood Al-Burayj, Talbeesa, East Salaam Village, Al-Wudhayhi, Al-Tadmuriyya, Al-Rastan.

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