A tribute to the martyrs of the Syrian war

A tribute to the martyrs of the Syrian war against the foreign-backed insurgency is displayed yesterday in Damascus in Khursheed Square in the Al-Muhaajireen Quarter.  This was the result of an effort by the Ba’ath Party and citizens organizations in Damascus.




‘Assaal Al-Ward, Hawsh Al-‘Arab and Al-Ma’moora:  Enjoy these scenes in warehouses where rodents made the rockets and IEDs used to kill Syrian civilians and soldiers.  One of the warehouses was formerly a chicken farm converted into a factory of death by CIA-trained nihilist freaks.  The IEDs weighed in between 50-100 kgs .


Terrorist Weapons Warehouse



Machining Tools Used By Terrorists




Jayrood:  A car loaded with weapons was sent to the junkyard by SAA with its driver and 2 other rats:

  • Muhammad Taaleb
  • ‘Abdul-Sattaar ‘Afsha
  • Hassan Kurd


Hawsh Al-‘Arab area:  The Liwaa` ‘Ubbaad Al-Rahmaan (Brigade of Allah, The Compassionate’s Worshipers, yawn) and the Kateebat Suyoof Al-Islaam (The Swords of Allah Battalion, yawn squared) ceased to exist yesterday thanks to the SAA and NDF as they tried to sneak out of the their IED factory just like rats:

  • Abu Muhammad Al-Shaami  (Id pending)
  • ‘Alaa` Al-Dhab’aan (a/k/a Abu Khaaled)


Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  15 rodents got on Charon’s barge and headed to the wrong side of Hades:

  • Muhammad Al-Maardeeni
  • Muhammad Al-Daqr
  • Saaleh Al-Naasser
  • ‘Izzu Dalloon
  • Saamer Al-Laadhiqaani (Id pending)
  • Faadi Ahmad
  • Wajeeh Al-Shaa’er

The other 8 were not identified and could be foreigners.


Irbeen: Only 1 rodent reported killed. The SAA must do better:

  • Muwaffaq Al-Naddaaf (I don’t cotton to people like this guy)


East JawbarBig victory here for SAA and NDF but details will have to wait. So far, 7 rats reported killed.


Zabadaani in the east mountains.  You’re not going to believe the names of these miserable plague-carrying organizations: “Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam” (The Islamic Union for Syrian Soldiers, yawn), “Kateebat Al-Fursaan – Usood Badr” (Battalion of Knights – Lions of Badr, yawn).  Of some interest to our readers might be the reference to the Battle of Badr waged by the Messenger Muhammad Abu-Al-Qaassem, the founder of the Islamic religion, during the years when he was fighting for his life.  Anyways, these fancy-named packs of rats are not in the ashtray of history:  

  • ‘Ibaada Al-Zayn
  • ‘Issaam Al-Daalaati (Leader of the “Knights”)
  • ‘Umar Abu –Hamad
  • Ayham Al-Jazzaar (Leader of the Islamic Union)
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Reehaan


East Harastaa:  East of the Shammoot Company (they make lickable apricot paste sheets. I grew up on that stuff.), 2 dead skunks.


Al-Maleeha: Combing for rodents now.



A large number of rodents were inducted into Beelzebub’s Wankers Hall of Fame.


العثور على معملين لتصنيع العبوات الناسفة وقذائف الهاون في عسال الورد وحوش عرب


A handout picture released by SANA April 21, 2014 shows Syrians holding their national flags and a portrait of President Bashar Assad during a rally in Damascus' Halboon neighborhood. (AFP PHOTO/HO/SANA)

Halboon Quarter, Damascus

Syrian patriots show the flag and an image of their president in a demonstration of appreciation to the army in Halboon Quarter, Damascus.

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Daraya was ‘liberated’ sometime last year. Did the rats come back there?

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

Nice tribute, will try to find a photo with a closer and check on the many pictures of the martyrs.

Level 6 - Praefectus

“and headed to the wrong side of Hades” – Hell, no. For them it is the right side.