Al-Shaykh Zayyaat and Al-Ta’aana on the Shaykh Najjaar Road.  The SAA has now established complete control over the flour mills (Mataahin) area.  It was obvious to observers there that the number of SAA infantry and artillery were too much for the dwindling numbers of terrorists.  It is reported by Wael, based on preliminary reports, that around 25 rats died defending their positions with over 100 confirmed wounded.


SAA about to announce control over this area as Shilkas and air power batter the remnant foreign rodents.  Of the 17 carcasses counted yesterday, only these were Syrians:

  • Sa’ad Shakkoor
  • Muhammad Shaykh-‘Ali
  • Yaasser Maqbool
  • Idrees Makkaar
  • Mustafaa Al-‘Abed



Still about to fall.  More work needs to be done against rats who view this as some kind of Masada for them.  Amazing that residents are playing a role in spotting for the SAA here. Aleppo has never welcomed these vicious terrorists and it’s becoming more obvious as the days pass that the citizenry is willing to take chances to help the SAA to cleanse the streets of this great northern capital.



HUGE CONVOY VAPORIZED BY SAAF ON ITS WAY TO ALEPPO TO REINFORCE FLACCID DEFENSES.  SyrPer can confirm a major and devastating blow to the army of jackals.  Yesterday, on the main road to Aleppo’s Al-Raashideen Quarter, citizens called the Ministry of the Interior on the hotline number advertised on Syrian State TV and warned of a long convoy of vans and pickups heading northeast toward Aleppo.  The vans were moving at night to avoid detection.  Two jet bombers were scrambled from the Jiraah Military Airbase which proceeded to ravage the rodent convoy.  As of right now, Wael confirms 17 vans and pickups destroyed and bodies laying all over the sides of the road.  No carcass count or rat-stats available as MI interrogates survivors.


Al-Shaykh Sa’eed:

It is our belief that the terrorist ranks have been severely reduced by defections, surrenders, emigration and, of course, death and injury.  How the rats can survive this onslaught is questionable.  Yesterday, at Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, the SAA killed 13 rats and took 18 prisoner.  All were foreign.  No one Syrian among them.  I have no further details.

Al-Layramoon (var. Billayramoon):

This area must fall soon.  The SAA has been pounding it for months without signs of rat defense degradation – that is – until yesterday when SAA advance into the center of the area and killed over 20 rodents.  It appears the defenses have been compromised and only days remain before the SAA envelops this area.

Fighting is heavy in all these areas:

  • Al-‘Aamiriyya, Kafr Halab, Kuwayris, Rasm Al-‘Abbood, ‘Irbeed, Al-Sukkari, Judayda, Industrial Zone (about to be liberated), Handaraat, ‘Anadaan, Khaan Al-‘Asal (a flatbed with 23mm cannon seized), Al-Ma’aarra, Al-Jubayla (think prison area), Bani Zayd at the Youth Residencies, Maari’, Al-Mansoora, Kafr Hamra.


Old City: 1 rodent was caught planting an IED in Hatab Square.  Citizens called police and he was killed by an NDF fighter.

He was a Saudi rat-monkey.  No name.

Al-Ataareb:  2 convoys of vans and pickups were destroyed by SAA yesterday.  I will have details about this effort to reinforce rats in Aleppo tomorrow, I hope.  There are signs the city is falling to the government.


All readers are encouraged to look carefully at how fighting is approaching the border town of A’zaaz.


Anon sends this interview with Saudis who pull the cover off the maniacal war against the Syrian people. A must-see:


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Very good news. In Syria citizens are helping their government fight the terrorists while here in America we have citizens snitching on children building forts and the police terrorizing them.

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

Ziad, this Icarda thing is huge, 17 vans can carry a lot of men and weapons, which front line would you guess they were moved from ? Idlib or Homs ? The location is closer to Idlib country side where is rat infested but since rats are fleeing Homs, it could be from there as well. Anyway, great news.