19 punks surrender to the SAA in Jubb Al-Jandali today.  They all signed a covenant not to fight the government, people, army and flag of Syria again.  Failing that, they will die.

Rat’s Surrender at Jubb Al-Jandali



‘Adraa Town: Dudley sent me a tape showing the death of the bald-headed “Chief of Staff of the Martyrs of Doumaa Brigade” (yawn), Muhammad Bakriyya.  The tape says he died in Al-Maleeha.  My sources say it’s in ‘Adraa Town.  Keep that in mind as you see this rodent go straight to Hell.

Al-Maleeha in the northern farms and in the area of the Tamiko Pharmaceutical Company, the SAA not only killed this Muhammad Bakriyya, but another 21 also. I have no names.  All carcasses were foreigners.


Al-Maleeha: SAA put the cuffs on 13 United Arab Emirate rodents.  They will fry.


North and East Al-Maleeha:

SAA killed these:

  • Mahfoozh Al-Shaaghoori
  • Basheer Al-‘Uyoon
  • Rashaad Abu Yusuf
  • Muhammad Shihaada
  • Saqr Al-Khibaawi


‘Aaliya Farms and Tal Kurdi in Doumaa:

  • Abdullah Taahaa
  • ‘Abdu Haamoori
  • Marwaan Haaj-‘Ali
  • ‘Ali Musallam


Al-Zabadaani in the Western Quarter:  

109 rodents surrendered to the SAA and were turned over to security services for processing.  In the meantime, the SAA killed these in this area:

  • Bahaa` ‘Assfoor
  • Kamaal Baddoor
  • Nizhaam ‘Atiyya
  • ‘Abdu ‘Alloosh


Zibdeen: Fighting with no details.

Ayn Turmaa: A major operation here is still going on.  I have no details.

Al-Mahabba in the Rankoos area:  12 confirmed rat deaths and 41 surrendering.  No names.

Al-Qabbaadhiyya: A pick-up with a 23mm machine gun cannon was taken down.  No details.

‘Ayn ‘Arab: No details about skirmishing here.


IRAQ: At Al-Mawsil (Mosul), tribes in the area killed a major skunk leader of ISIS by shooting him straight in the head:

  • Sattaam ‘Azzaawi



G-Man sends this great article which explains why Brown Moses is the color brown:


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