Syrian Rat Hunters in Latakia



Those who support rats couch their questions always with the words: “So, what has the Syrian Army done in Kasab?”   The predicate is “done in Kasab”.  Instead of asking what the “rat terrorists have done in Kasab”, they foist the obligation of progress on the party they despise the most.  This style of interrogation is curious for what it says about the psychology of the proponent – is he/she desperate for bad news about the SAA?  Is he looking for some clue to demonstrate the responder’s biases?  All those things.  So, in that vein, let’s ask the question: “What have the rats been doing in Kasab?”  The answer is plainly “NOTHING”.  They are frozen in position as the SAA is slowly progressing in difficult terrain to eradicate them.

Al-Haraamiyya Mountain:  The SAA has established total control over this area south of Eagle Mountain (Jabal Al-Nisr).  Al-Haraamiyya means “thieves” and so, once again, we are reminded of whom we are fighting.

Look carefully at the map.  It shows a straight line down from Al-Nisr Mountain through Jabal Al-Haraamiyya to Crosspoint or Observatory 45 which are all under the control of the SAA.  At the very top is Kasab.  By securing this route, sufficient forces can be brought in to finish the job at Kasab and block supplies and communications with the rat forces both to the West and East.

We have received reliable reports that new recruits in the NDF from Armenia and Lebanon are being classified as 1. trained and ready, or 2. requiring basic NDF training.  This is important because most Armenian fighters are not familiar with the particular terrain or with the tactics of the SAA.  Moreover, the possibility of infiltration by agents of Turkey or the West must be taken into consideration to protect the thousands of volunteers who have placed their confidence in Syria’s very competent counter-intelligence agencies.  What I’m trying to say is: don’t expect the SAA to simply throw the Armenians into combat without proper training and vetting.  It will be weeks before we hear about their impact on the front.

In any case, the front is totally stabilized.  The rats cannot advance and appear to be trying to do so elsewhere in Aleppo and Der’ah.  In both those fronts, the SAA is expanding its control which is why the Prez, Dr. Assad, said the war would end this year.



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