Syrian army attacks militant-held areas in Syria

SCORES OF RATS KILLED BY SAA AND SAAF IN NORTHERN ALEPPO: SyrPer has confirmed that 63 rodents have been killed and 181 wounded in a new effort by Erdoghan to breathe life into his catastrophic plan to revive the old Ottoman Empire.  At the following locations, the rats met death:

  • Jubb Ghabsha
  • Baabees
  • Icarda
  • Al-Shuwayhna

The majority of the carcasses were foreigners, many from Chechnya and Saudi Arabia.  SAA used a different technique in this area with much success.  Note: There are credible reports that the number of rats coming in from Turkey toward Aleppo is in the area of 4,000 to 7,000.  Just more fertilizer. Obama is a war criminal, just like Erdoghan, Hollande and Cameron.

Coming on the news of the SAA’s breaking the siege of the Central Prison, we have a situation described by Syrian State TV as “pure hysteria” among the propaganda mills like Aljazeera, Al’Arabiyya, Daily Star, Al-Bawwaaba and the like. They are going insane with preposterous reports trying to shore up the sagging morale of terrorist cannibals defeated in every front in Syria.


Addenda et. Corrigenda:

We want to apologize for a report about Al-Zahraa which one of our readers caught. We reported that the Al-Zahraa, whose residential area was liberated, was the “town” of Al-Zahraa, a largely Shi’i locale next to Nibbul. Both these towns are still besieged by the Obama-rodents, but, remain in the hands of both the SAA, NDF and specialized units from Hizbollah.  The Al-Zahraa we should have showcased, was the suburb to the west of the City.  If we caused any confusion, we are sorry.  Place names in the Near East, like other places, are often duplicated and sources sometimes take for granted one’s ability to know specifically which place the source is writing about.  In this case, there was a mistake.  Al-Zahraa refers to pinkish colored flowers or to the Planet Venus if the ending is in the regular feminine.  Here is the Al-Zahraa that should have been covered:


Central Prison:

Desperate to cling to any morsel suggesting durability, the rodents attacked from Al-Jubayla trying to establish a presence sufficient to harass supply convoys coming into the prison.  Our source inside the prison tells his family that he is planning to leave soon and that the area to the south, north and east are rat-free.

Industrial Zone: 

  • Al-Layramoon
  • Castillo
  • Dhahrat ‘Aabed Rabbuh
  • Al-Marja
  • Khaan Toomaan
  • ‘Irbeed
  • Al-Jandool Roundabout (a flatbed with 23mm cannon confiscated) 
  • Maare’
  • Kafr Hamraa
  • Daarat ‘Izza
  • ‘Anjaara
  • Tal-Rif’aat
  • Al-Ataareb

If you will look at the map, you can see that the brunt of the battle for Aleppo is now in the north with the SAA in control over 85% of Aleppo proper.




I sure hope Voltairenet is right about Geagea.  It would otherwise by the end of the Lebanese state:

Kamal Labwaani has written out his own death warrant.  There can no longer be any national reconciliation with this clown, inter alia leading the effete exiled rats:

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