Entrance to Saudi embassy in Beirut.

(Photo: Alalam) Lebanese guards are inundated with the Saudi rat cowards begging for protection from the Syrian Army’s ferocious assault on their packs of plague-carrying rodents.

With reports of a massive influx of Saudi “students” into the United States (111,000), the Lebanese got their share of the rancid pie by having to entertain a mere 41 Wahhabist MERS-carrying, Syphilis-infected, Saudi lepers who sought “refuge” from the war their own simian superiors started in Syria.  Most were embedded among Syrian refugees in ‘Arsaal and had been stalwart defenders of backwardness, buggery and the inalienable right to carry Socially Transmitted Diseases.  Only a government, like that of Michel Sulayman’s, would comply with the Saudi request for “facilitating their entry” into the Saudi Ape Embassy in Beirut.  These were criminals who should have been turned over to the SAA or SyrPer for “adjustment”.

The large number of Saudi wastrels now going to school in the U.S. (up from only 17,000 in 2007) is proof positive of how desperate Obama’s regime is in trying to stuff a cork in the bottleneck of the glass vessel, so filled with debt,  it’s a wonder Americans have a stomach for paying baseball game tickets anymore.

Anyone who has observed Arabian students knows exactly why the peninsula in which they were bred is a repository for eidetic forms of laziness unmatched in the clinical history of sloths, slugs or snails.  Their predilection toward plagiarism, tomfoolery, insipid badinage, surplusage, fakery and four-flushing fatuousness would fill a Deviant Psychology textbook.

I hope the U.S. enjoys the extra cash these scarabs bring in and the dumbing-down they inevitably they herald in the hallowed halls of Academe.

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