Homs is verging on total liberation


Homs is verging on total liberation as Syrian Army stalwarts surround and snuff the noisome remnant rodents who are being kept alive by nothing more than the certainty of their own death and the inevitability of their transportation into their own private Oblivion.  Dr. Ja’afari at the U.N. is right, according to Wael, the remaining estimated 700 rodents inside the old city are foreigners – many of them from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt.  They are the walking dead.


19 more hyenas surrendered to the security services the day before yesterday.  Also, yesterday, rats tried to escape Homs through this area but were foiled by alert NDF.

Baab Hood:

SAA takes over numerous buildings and positions snipers and scouts before an armored push into the area.

Barraakaat Al-Arman:

The SAA repelled an attempted escape through this area at the Umm Al-Zunnaar Church.

Waadi Al-Saayeh:

Latest report, 60% of all buildings and roads in this quarter are under the control of the SAA.


Skirmishing reported here:

  • Daar Al-Kabeera, Al-Ghaasibiyya, Hawsh Hajju, Talbeesa, Al-Ghantu, South Al-Mashjar, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Al-Rastan at the City Arena, Burj Qaa’iy, Al-Naasiriyya, Al-Hoola area, Al-Burayj, Al-Sa’an, Al-Khaaldiyya Village (repelled infiltration from Daar Al-Kabeera), Al-Duwayr (foiled attempted escape from Al-Ghaasibiyya)




Rusoom Al-Mudawwara Al-Rubaysiyya Road: 

4 pick-ups with machine gun cannons were destroyed by SAA and NDF.

The number of carcasses was 19 with 7 taken prisoner.  I have no names.


An attack on a checkpoint near the Old Customs Building was a complete failure. 3 dead rats and the rest escaped:

  • Ghayth Al-Qaseer
  • Mu’een Rajjoob

The 3rd was not identified.

Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque:

An attempt to infiltrate from this mosque into the safe area of Al-Manshiyya was blocked. No details.  Also, a sniper was tracked down and killed near the mosque.


When rats took over a house and began to fortify their defenses, the SAA cut them no slack and immediately attacked destroying the whole nest and seizing substantial amounts of weapons and ammunition.  All 8 rats were killed. No names.

  • Fighting reported in: Al-Naaziheen Camp, Al-Lijaat area, Simleen, ‘Itmaan, Al-Musayfira, Al-Jeeza, West Tal Ahmar, Heeraan, National Forest (attempted infiltration into Taseel from the direction of the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque. Confirmed 24 rats killed.), ‘Ayn Al-‘Abed, Ghadeer Al-Bustaan, Al-Mu’allaqa, Daa’el, Umm Al-Awsaj-Jaassem Road, Al-Yadoodaa, Al-Shahm, Busraa Al-Shaam, Taysiyya, Al-Nu’ayma, Umm Walad, Nawaa, Shaykh Miskeen, .

Monzer writes that over 180 rodents were killed yesterday in the Der’ah area.


At the Al-Arba’een Quarter Public Park east of Al-Masri Roundabout: 7 rats were killed trying to steal electronic appliances.

City:  2 attacks on 2 checkpoints were failures.  Monzer reports 17 rats killed.



More on the Hersh article from Tony Cartalucci. It’s a gas:

Now it’s the Crimea that is getting the UN baloney treatment:



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