No sooner had we reported this morning that the terrorists had escaped from Al-Sarkha and Al-Dibba to ‘Assaal Al-Ward than we received word from both Monzer and the other Syrian media sources that the SAA had also now taken back ‘Assaal Al-Ward!  This means that only 2 position remain in the hands of the Saudi-financed rodents: Hawsh Al-‘Arab and Faaleeta (on the Lebanese border but completely under the artillery control of the SAA).  According to sources, like SANA, the people of ‘Assaal Al-Ward greeted the army with rose water, rice and flowers and raised the flag of the republic at every corner.  Ba’ath Party sources mentioned large numbers of rodents surrendering.  Monzer says the number of surrendering vermin exceeds 300.  He says in Arabic: “There was no human logic any longer for them to just get killed because a crazy commander wants to get to Heaven on their backs.”  It will take days to resolve some cases for Amnesty purposes because, according to Monzer, some are army deserters who are treated differently.  The army is now redeploying at nearby Hawsh Al-‘Arab where the rats have already started to negotiate a surrender. The Qalamoon Offensive is coming to a close and our army will soon be moving to other areas for delousing.  By the way, ‘Assaal Al-Ward, means “The one who gathers honey from the flowers”.


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