An Armenian mother clutches her innocent son, then almost brain dead from starvation deliberately caused by the savage Young Turks in their frenzied bid to exterminate all her people.

There was a time when the rodent army sent by the Arabian monkeys put all their effort in securing bases in the northeast part of Latakia Province. While the entire operation was a miserable failure, it did publicize some locations like Al-Rubay’ah, Salmaa and Kinsibba.  And it made some sense because this part of the province was adjacent to Idlib Province where the rats were trying to establish bases around the, ignorant, bigoted, hate-filled town of Jisr Al-Shughoor in Syria’s Waadi Al-Ghaab.

I have discussed already why this plan for Kasab is going to flop even more than the ones before.  But this particular campaign in northwestern Latakia has serious public relations problems, too.  It started with the painful reminder that it was the Turks who were responsible for the deaths of over 1,500,000 Armenians in 2 separate spates of horrific violence against an indigenous population of Christians.  It also has reinforced the belief that it was in Muslim/Christian Syria that the Armenians were granted both sanctuary and citizenship in the face of Islamic hostility from a defeated Turkey bent on justifying its own military ineptitude by laying the blame on innocent, unarmed Armenian villagers.

And so the story goes.  Turkish incompetence coupled with Saudi simian behavior.

Most Syrian military bases, coastal defense batteries, Coast Guard, Anti-Aircraft batteries and air bases are along the flat coast.  Second only to Damascus, this area is home to one of the world’s most dense anti-aircraft and anti-ship networks that contain not only Yakhont KH61 and Sunburn anti-ship cruise missiles but also the vaunted S-300 anti-aircraft and Pantsir systems.  From the border with Lebanon at the checkpoint in Al-‘Azeeziyya to the border of Turkish-Occupied Syria at Kasab, every military asset is protected by hundreds of soldiers who brandish the finest equipment produced by the Russian Federation not to mention, also, Russian advisers whose tasks are to make sure all systems are both protected and operated according to the agreements between the two countries.

On Syria’s coastline, sometimes you see these moving platforms hauling the supersonic Yakhont KH61.

Besides the technical wonders of the anti-ship missiles and the still poorly understood S-300s are some of Syria’s best armor and infantry. Because the Syrian Army permits inductees to remain in their provinces of origin after they have completed their basic training (even allowing them to sleep at home), these soldiers tend to be extremely knowledgeable about the topography and locales found on any satellite map.  They are also made up disproportionately of Alawis, Christians and Sunnis (who have been raised among minority groups). The terrorist rats are going up against a most formidable enemy here.


Syrian army soldiers are seen marching on a road in the village of Kassab, in the northwestern province of Latakia, on March 27, 2014.

Syrian soldiers saunter down a road close to Kasab as though they know each square foot like the backs of their hands.

In order for the rodents to effectuate a “breakthrough”, they will have to do that over 2 types of terrain: the first is very mountainous with few passable roads (it’s no secret this campaign was started in the spring); and the second is narrow and flat coastal plain with negligible roadways and little places to hide.  In either case the movement of rats will only generate higher casualties since the Syrian Air Force will have unimpeded air supremacy over the coast while the SAA will have the benefit of powerful artillery and infantry to blunt any attack in the mountains.

Armenians are volunteering for service with the NDF now by the thousands. Many have already undergone training as conscripts in the SAA or the reserves.  The level of rage is high with memories of their own Holocaust refreshed by Erdoghan’s unbelievable stupidity.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of Eagle Peak (Jabal Al-Nisr) in the hands of the SAA.  It has a commanding view of the areas below.

Here’s a view of Nab’ Al-Murr with its road going northeast to the Syrian-Turkish border checkpoints:

Here is Qastal Ma’aaf which has also been a target for the rodents:

In sum, the attack on the Armenian towns on the border of  Turkish-Occupied Syria appears to be some act of desperation by a cockalorum in a turban counting his Saudi ape money as though it were a fool’s venture capital to build a palace in Edirne where he could spend his Ottoman eternity barking at the moon.   

The appearance of 3,000 Liwaa` Al-Tawheed hyenas has made no impact on the front.  In fact, it seems as though the Aleppan transplants see through Erdoghan’s plans to both destroy northern Syria and the entire terrorist infrastructure he helped to create in his own country.  The paradoxical nature of Turkey’s bumbling policies is apparently not lost on the terrorists themselves who must wonder whether the Paradise awaiting them is really worth all this trouble.  Or, maybe, it just doesn’t exist. ZAF


Yabrood: People returning by the hundreds after the SAA has deloused the city:

Yabroud residents return back to liberated city

JAWBAR:  It appears the assault has begun on this suburb.  It is all Jabhat Al-Nusra.  The SAA invaded a nest of cockroaches and killed them all in the area of the Grand Mosque.

Doumaa:  These were rats belonging to the Liwaa` Al-Ansaar infesting Al-‘Aaliya Farms:

Muhammad Al-Zahr

Usaamaa Al-Dallah

Abu Ahmad Al-‘Iraaqi (IRAQI SWINE DROPPING. Id pending)

Muhammad Maazen ‘Uraaabi

Sameeh ‘Ali Ghabra (Ashes to ashes…..)

Another 5 could not be identified.

Harastaa: East of the Police Hospital, a number of rats expires from lead poisoning.

Tal Kurdi: Only 1 of 5 were identified:

Tahseen Al-Khudhr

Daarayyaa: At the Sukayna Shrine, a pack of rats was destroyed. No details.

Zabadaani in the East Mountains:  1 rodent identified by SANA:

Taareq Al-Shamaali

Al-Sarkha: SW of Yabrood, fighting with no details.

Al-Ruhayba East:  In the Qalamoon, weapons and ammo seized with 8 rats confirmed killed and 11 surrendering.


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