It’s a battle to the finish with the SAA and NDF grinding down the barricades, safe houses and trenches set up by the mostly foreign terrorists infesting the central Old City of Homs.  Attention is given to the 300 or so remaining civilians inside who refused to escape when given the opportunity out of fear that their possessions would be stolen or destroyed by the criminal rats whose fate is sealed.  The roadways and alleys are very narrow thus blocking out armored vehicles.  So the strategy is to starve the rats, break down their will and snipe at them 24 hours per day with no let-up.  It’s working, however, and it’s slow.

Baab Hood:

Completely surrounded. The rats inside this quarter can only hope for a quick death.  Yesterday, SAA and NDF killed 5 enemy vermin and wounded a few. Those who are wounded have no medical care other than traditional remedies – herbs and the like.  Their names might never be known because the foreign rats tend not to carry documents identifying them – that is – unless they are from Saudi Arabia or the Gulf, where they think their governments will extract them somehow if they are captured – or – that their bodies will be returned for burial in the unholy sands of the Arabian Peninsula.  They are wrong, of course.  Arabian monkeys are treated the same as Chechens and their bodies are rapidly cremated and rendered into ashes, ground and fed to the four winds.


SAA confirmed killing 2 leaders of the Nusra identified with code names because their real identities and nationalities are not firmly established.  Intercepted communications prove some of the rats are Arabians speaking to some others whose accents indicate origins in the Caucasus.


More confirmed killing of rat leaders.  You can spot the leaders sometimes by their gestures or the fact that their minions huddle around them.  The more leaders you kill, the less organized the rabble – the easier to kill.  In Vietnam, LRRP snipers always took out the lieutenant in the NVA as that always injected anarchy into the formations.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:

About to fall. The rodents cannot survive and are starving to death. So sad. Hate to see scavengers starving.  Or don’t I?

Daar Al-Kabeera:

A entire pack of mostly local criminals were destroyed yesterday in a SAA raid inspired by residents who called in their location:

  • Haydar Jamaaleddeen (LEBANTEEZIAN WORM SMEGMA)
  • Muhammad Al-Yusuf
  • Rushdi Al-Jaaber

I did not receive any more names.


Another pack of rats wiped out when their location was detected before they could scurry off into the countryside. Confirmed 6 killed and 2 taken prisoner.


Skirmishing with no details.

Palmyra (Tadmur)– Homs Highway:

An attack on a military outpost led to all attackers wounded and arrested.  Weapons and ammo were seized and delivered to NDF for killing Saudi Arabians.



AT THE AL-‘ABBAASIYYA ROUNDABOUT IN AL-ZAHRAA` QUARTER, 2 BOMB-LADEN CARS EXPLODED KILLING 36 CIVILIANS AND WOUNDING ANOTHER 54.  THE MATERIAL LOSS WAS SUBSTANTIAL.  THIS IS THE WORK OF THE UNITED STATES AND ITS TURK ALLIES.  The security services and police are digging up clues in the hope they will lead to the perpetrators of this Obama-inspired nihilist act.


تفجير في حمص




It isn’t as though we didn’t know about this, but, it still is interesting:

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