Western propaganda media failed to mention that the terrorist sabotage operation at the Tamiko Pharmaceutical Company was very limited in that it managed to destroy a warehouse which, as Monzer wrote to me, could be rebuilt in 2 weeks.  Now that the drug complex has been deloused, the terrorists are moving to Zamalkaa for their last stand.  Movements of mercenary vermin from Jordan and from the Golan don’t seem to herald any major effort to save their terrorist litter-mates who are now encircled from every direction.  In fact, as many of our readers now know, most of the terrorist fronts are collapsing swiftly.  The only potential front capable of surviving for any appreciable time is the one on the Golan.

The media is pushing a statement made recently by a terrorist commander in the Golan named Al-Jibaawi, a former police officer, who claims his forces now number 30,000.  Many of you with military experience will detect immediately the suspicious nature of the declaration.  First of all, military commanders never declare truthfully the number of forces at their disposal.  When they do, they inflate the figure in the hope it demoralizes the opposition, which, in this case is the SAA and NDF.  The problem here is the “BIG SURPRISE” I promised you.  It’s still coming.  In any case, the actual number of terrorists in this new gang of terrorists is more like 8,000, at most.  According to our sources, the vast majority of these vermin are very poorly trained despite American pronouncements about training vetted “rebels”.  The ones in Qatar who are trained in tranches of 100 per month, are given about 2 weeks of preparation before they are sent to Turkey for certain death in Syria.

Yesterday, terrorist commanders were ordering their vermin out of Al-Maleeha.  It’s a 2 km trek – not far for terrorists without any choice.  Routes via Jaramaanaa to the northwest up to the main highway would be suicide.


Yesterday, these vultures were shot:

  • Sulaymaan Al-Nijm  (He’ll be a big star in Hell)
  • Nizaar ‘Abdul-Lateef
  • Muhammad Hassan
  • Fawzi Al-Mattaar
  • Zakariyya Al-Maghribi
  • Muhammad ‘Adlooni
  • Tahseen Al-‘Umari

Another 14 could not be identified and are presumed foreign.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa: 

Sources tell me over 40 terrorists died here trying to move to Zamalkaa.  No names.



A warehouse loaded with light weapons and Captagon was destroyed in the Al-Mahatta Quarter.  The terrorists tried to protect their little opium den, but were mostly killed by NDF, some of whom used to be in the FSA:

  • Husaam ‘Abbaas
  • Khaaled Shaykh-‘Ali
  • Ahmad Khaytu
  • Maalek Muhammad

Another 2 could not be identified.  They appeared Libyan or Tunisian.


‘Aaliya Farms:

A nest of dirty little terrorists was uncovered and decimated:

  • “Abu Hamza” (reportedly a LIBYAN BARBARY APE.  Id pending)
  • Maajed Mas’ood
  • Hussayn Ku’aydi
  • Jihaad Ibraaheem
  • Yusuf Al-Qaseer
  • ‘Amr Al-Shaayeb
  • Akram Shaater
  • Hammood Al-Durra

Another 3 were not identified.  4 taken prisoner.




Southeast of the Electric Company.  A continuing campaign by SAA and NDF.  6 terrorists confirmed killed:

  • Muhammad Al-Leebi (a/k/a “Abu Al-Noor”. LIBYAN FECAL EXTRACT. Id pending)
  • ‘Adli Sabaah Shaaker
  • Jabr ‘Ali Sa’ad
  • Saaleh Badawi

No other names.


‘Adraa in the Majaabil Quarter: 3 terrorists pithed with a huge cache of weapons discovered.



A firefight here reported with confirmed terrorist-stats. But, no details.


Al-Ruhayba and Al-Batraa` Quarries in Jayrood: Confirmed terrorist deaths, but, no details.

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