Aleppo Central Prison Completely Liberated !




I was out of the office today because of an important assignment.  I returned to find my desk and all my computers filled with reports which I must sort out tomorrow.

CONFIRMED, THE PRISON IS COMPLETELY FREED OF TERRORISTS.  THE ENTIRE AREA IS NOW UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE SYRIAN ARMY. We saw Lt. Yusuf among the officers who were filmed by SANA.  You cannot imagine the delight.  I will be posting everything tomorrow. Sorry about today. Ziad


20 May – Liberating Skeikh Najjar power plant and Qal’at Agop hill

The Army captured the Sheikh Najjar power plant and Qal’at Agop hill right next to it, which opened the way towards the central prison, bringing government troops to one kilometer from the prison complex. There were also reports that some troops had already arrived to reinforce the prison. After the capture of the hill, the military attacked the village of Haylan, which was the last insurgent stronghold before the prison.

21 MayLiberating Haylan and terrorists destroy al-Kindi hospital

The military captured Haylan, as government forces had broken through on the road leading to the prison. At the same time, insurgents blew up the al-Kindi hospital in fear it could be used for monitoring terrorists supply routes. Soon after, Army tanks had reached and taken up positions at about 500 meters from the prison complex. The area was witnessing heavy artillery shelling, with government troops dropping at least 30 barrel bombs from military helicopters over the previous 24 hours, as insurgent forces were fast retreating from the area due to the government’s superior firepower. During the two days of fighting, at least 50 rebels were killed.

22 May – The final liberation of Aleppo Central Prison

The Army had finally broken the siege of the prison as tanks and armored vehicles entered the complex. The Air Force dropped more than 100 barrel bombs during the final push to reach the prison.This put the north-east approach to Aleppo under the control of government forces. SAA used an effective flanking maneuvering attack from the southeast, southwest and northeast leaving the terrorists on their heels.

Personal thoughts

I was almost touched to tears. Literally struggling to find the right words. These brave soldiers suffered under daily shells, gunfire and suicide bombs. Supplies were delivered by helicopter and they ate once every other day. Clean water was scarce and they had no shaving gear available. They were besieged for more than 500 days. Their 24/7 was an absolute nightmare. Now they are free.

History will never forget the efforts of these brave hero’s!!

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