Major advance for SAA during the last 2 days as defenses are withering under constant artillery and aircraft bombings.  Communication intercepts show a labor of moles trying to find a way out to rejoin other vermin in more comfortable surroundings.  Not if the SAA has anything to say about that.  As of right now, it’s either surrender or starve.  No negotiations.  Large barricades and fortifications set up by the vermin have been torn down by tanks and APCs.  Whole apartment complexes, which were formerly used by the slinking terrorists as perches from which to antagonize the legitimate defense forces, have now been cleared of the stench of Wahhabism – nay – its heresy!



Al-‘Aamiriyya Village:

East of Al-Badawi Mountain, a truck with weapons and ammunition was destroyed by a Shilka.  Inside were 2 dead terrorists who looked very fit and athletic – oh, I mean, but for their descent into oblivion.  Whatever the case, Wael thinks these were Turkish operatives with special forces.  They carried no papers.



An attempted infiltration by terrorists into a secure area was frustrated by SAA and security.  All the terrorists fled to their favorite sewer


Al-Zahraa` to the north:  14 buildings now liberated and deloused.


Al-Shaykh Najjaar:

Industrial area saw 9 large fortifications destroyed by SAA bulldozers near the Al-Sayf Factory.  The absence of resistance is further indication the terrorists are abandoning this spot in order to return to Turkey.


Central Prison:

We are getting great news about this legendary citadel of Syrian Army steadfastness from my wife’s nephew who is now able to go in and out from the south entry without any interference from the deflated vermin on the other side.  In any case, to the extent he is allowed to report military matters, he says the situation is going to get much better in a few days – and there is nothing the terrorists can do about it.


Tal Rif’aat:

2 vans and 2 flatbeds with 23mm cannons were destroyed their passengers burned to death after they tried to ram their way out of a cul de sac set up by the SAA. As they approached the perimeter of the closed balloon, SAA fired Kornets and RPGs at the vehicles and incinerated the entire pack.  Efforts to speed off surviving terrorists to hospital were all the more pointless by their deaths.  So sad.


Al-Raashideen Quarter:

An effort to escape into safer territory was blocked by SAA.  According to Wael, 10 or more were killed although their uncounted bodies lie as we write this post.


Bani Zayd Quarter:

Very close to Al-Raashideen with a similar scenario played out.  Another attempt to relocate met with failure as SAA opened fire on fleeing feral pigs behind a flatbed.  Everything went up in flames. No details.


Al-Zabadiyya in the Sayf Al-Dawla Quarter:  SAA now in complete control over 70% of the area with more to come tomorrow.


North ‘Azeeza:

Many terrorists killed or wounded with no details as operation is continuing.


  • Fighting reported here as part of Operation Canopus Star:  Al-Raashidiyya, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, ‘Ayn Jaara, Tal Jabeen, Al-Ataareb, Dayr Haafer, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Handaraat, Al-Jandool Roundabout, Castillo, Maari’, Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq, Tal Nu’aam, Huwayja, Jubb Al-Safaa, Ghibsha and Tal Al-Tabl.



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