الجيش السوري يستهدف أوكاراً لـ

The big operation out of Jordan is a manifest failure.  The terrorists are now converging on the Golan for their last Hurrah.

With Umm Al-‘Awsaj under the complete control of the SAA, the remaining terrorists in Nawaa, inter alia, are in a fretful position indeed.

Al-Soora, west of Al-Hiraak at the west entrance to the town:  The SAA destroyed a diesel truck and a truck trailer containing weapons from the Zionist Ghetto Apartheid State.  We will enjoy killing Zionist terrorists on the Golan shortly.


Airport Quater in Der’ah City:

A unit of SAA and NDF back-up collided with a pack of terrorists, most of whom were Jordanians, and killed these identified vermin:

  • Haytham ‘Assaaf
  • Fareed Qubayli
  • Mukhtaar Sulaymaan

Another 7 could not be identified.  They were carrying suspicious Jordanian papers.


Abi Bakr Mosque:  Fighting with no details.


Communications Building:  Ditto.



A warehouse filled with weapons and ammunition was taken over by NDF.  In the process, these cockroaches were sent to Beelzebub’s personal bidet in Hell:

  • Durayd Haddaad
  • Hishaam Saqqaaliyya
  • Husaam Sumsum (Open Sesame. Open the Doors of Hades.)
  • Muwaffaq Ahmad


Simleen-Zimreen Junction:  Another warehouse was occupied by SAA after citizens called and pointed it out.  No reports about the 6 terrorists killed in the process.


Khirbat Ghazaala:  At the southwest margin, the terrorists attacked a SAA outpost from the side of West Al-Ghaariyya but the SAA smoked them – all 11 of them and destroyed a flatbed with a 23mm cannon festooned upon it.


Tal Al-Za’tar at the southwest corner of Waadi Al-Zaydi: Fighting with no details.


Jadal Village:   The SAA foiled an attempted infiltration into this area.  No details.


Hawsh Al-Shurayd:  In Al-Lijaat.  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was waylaid by alert SAA and the 3 passengers killed:


  • “Abu Salaah” (JORDANIAN WORM SLIME. Identified by villagers)
  • Muneef Sirhaan
  • Faadhel Ja’aara



Al-Tayyiba, Saydaa Al-Jawlaan and ‘Itmaan all saw skirmishing yesterday. No details.

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