Abu Huraira al-Amriki, American suicide bomber in Syria

The degenerate American, “Abu Hurayra Al-Amreeki” (Id pending), seen here with the look of a complete idiot on his terrorist face smiles for the camera before devouring the live cat he his holding to prove his true Islamist worth as a member of Obama’s Nusra gang.  This pervert and son of a slimeball drug dealer molested children in Turkey before he mercifully put himself to death in Idlib killing only himself.  The face of a moron tells it all.  We extend our middle fingers to his family of idiots who bred this specimen of terrorist tissue. 



Kuwayris near the airbase:  The SAA crushed the source of a mortar explosion here killing both operators. They were firing at civlians:

  • Sameeh Al-Sha’raan
  • ‘Ataa` Al-Lahhaam


Bani Zayd Quarter:  The SAA wiped out 2 packs of terrorists here in a sweep that will clean out the area in less than 7 days:

  • ‘Afeef Muhammad Zaydaan
  • ‘Aadel Mufeed ‘Ajmoosh

The other 16 were not identified.



Al-Sukkari Quarter:  Fighting with no details.


Baab Al-Hadeed:  2 terrorists surrendered and gave information about a warehouse filled with ammunition.


East Kafr Hamraa:

NDF and SAA rousted a pack of vermin and killed 4:

  • Jamaal Manduh
  • ‘Uthmaan Barhoom
  • Hassan Al-Turk
  • Fidaa` Marjala 


Tal Sooseen:

SAA wiped out an entire pack of terrorists from Turkey:

  • ‘Abdul-Qaader Sahnoon
  • Bashshaar Jubayri
  • Muhammad Wajeeh Shabba
  • Qaassem Muhammad
  • Zayneddeen Al-Tahhaan
  • Ghayth Safadi
  • Haatem Abu-Hamad
  • Nibraas Khoomaa

The other 5 were not identified and are believed to be Turks.



A warehouse filled with guns and ammo was invaded and confiscated.  All weapons turned over to NDF and ANG for use in killing Saudi and Turk terrorist-monkeys.  No more details.


Huraytaan to the West:  5 pickups with 23mm cannons and 1 truck were either destroyed or seized in a major confrontation that resulted in 37 confirmed dead terrorists belonging to Nusra and J.I.  All terrorists were foreigners with one confirmed Qatari.


Al-Mallaah Properties East of Huraytaan:  Fighting with no details.


Khirbat Al-Musheer:  22 confirmed terrorist deaths. All carcasses counted and identified as foreigners belonging to the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jabhat Al-Islam.  No names have been sent.


Tal Jabeen:  Skirmish with no details.


Baashkawi:  Ditto.


Maare’-‘Uwayja Road:  4 flatbeds with 23mm cannons destroyed.  Wael writes that one cannon was salvaged and turned over to NDF for killing more terrorists.  All ammunition was also siezed.  Total 9 terrorists killed and 1 taken wounded for warbling.


  • Fighting reported here with no details: Al-Burayj, Zabadiyya, Al-Indhaaraat, Castillo, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Dhahrat ‘Abed-Rabbuh, Layramoon, Al-Mansoora, Jandool and Ba’eedeen Roundabouts, Al-Ataareb, ‘Anadaan, Turaab Hulluk, Hanaanu Residencies, Al-Muslimiyya, Bustaan Al-Qassr.


South Daarat ‘Izza:  More flatbeds went up in smoke as the SAA and NDF are deploying both RPGs and Kornets in greater numbers to incinerate terrorists.  No details.


Kafr Daa’el:  13 jackals were put down mercifully by a combination of infantry and helicopter:

  • Muhammad Kurbaaj (He was whipped! Phew.)
  • Misbaah Abi-Thaamer (false papers)
  • ‘Abdul-Jaleel Samaara
  • Thaa`er Zeenaati
  • ‘Abdul-Ameer Al-Maydaani
  • Waassef Muhammad
  • Burhaan Hamaada

The rest were not identified.



3 trucks destroyed while carrying new weapons to the terrorists in Aleppo. All originated in Turkey.  Truck had Turk license plate.  Drivers were killed but many boxes of weapons were salvaged and delivered to NDF and ANG for killing Erdoghan.  No further details.


Handaraat Camp:  Palestinians gave SAA information about a pack of terrorists collecting behind a warehouse.  It did not take long to surround and arrest them.


Aleppo – Al-Baab Road:  Wael reports a major ambush by SAA killing over 40 terrorists. No details, yet.


Salaahuddeen: Skirmishing in an abandoned quarter of the city. Remnant terrorists live in a fantasy world.


Al-‘Uwayja:  Skirmishing.  No details.


Fighting reported here:  Bustaan Al-Qassr, Old City, Al-Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Zone and Free Trade Zone.




John Esq. sends this well-known tape of a fake Muslim destroying the statue of the Virgin Mary in a Syrian town:

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