We in the State of Michigan are cursed with 2 senators who are not only Zionists, but also agents of the Zionist Settler State: Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.  While Carl Levin is expected to depart the political scene soon, Stabenow, arguably one of the most inactive and shiftless hags to ever disgrace the U.S. Senate floor (if she has ever seen it), is still planning to torment this state with more of her lying, deceit and treasonous behavior.

In Virginia, the people there have a stalwart, loyal and truly American senator in the shape of Senator Richard H. Black.  SyrPer needs to say no more than to present his open letter to Dr. Assad praising our president for defending minorities (especially Christians) and fighting off the scourge of Alqaeda.  All readers of SyrPer should do what Ziad is doing by sending a note of thanks to the Senator for his principled stance on the war in Syria.  Please send him a nice note.



SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE ANNOUNCES THE MARTYRDOM OF HIZBOLLAH COMMANDER FAWZI AYYOOB (a/k/a “Abu ‘Abbaas”) during fighting around the area of Nawaa.  Our deepest condolences to his family in Qaana and all Lebanese allies of the Syrian people, government and army.  In Pace Requiescat.

This undated file photo shows Hezbollah commander Fawzi Ayoub praying.

(Photo courtesy of Alalam)

Al-Zubayra in Al-Lijaat:  A van and a pickup were destroyed by SAA and NDF.  No names available.



Al-Rusoom Al-Mudawwara in Al-Lijaat:  Patient waiting got results as hunkered down terrorists finally made a move to escape the choke hold impose by the SAA.  5 Saudis are suspected of being among the 11 dead terrorists here.  I have no names.


Najd Farms in Al-Lijaat:  Stockpiles of weapons uncovered and 3 terrorists taken prisoner.  No more details.


Naahita in the direction of Al-Hiraak:  8 confirmed terrorist deaths including notorious Jordanian vermin fruit fly: ABU AL-KHATTAAB of the Nusra group. (Id pending)


Der’ah City: 

Whatever the louse Obama thinks he’s doing by “increasing” training and weapons for his favorite terrorists, it is going to fail because the Big Surprise is coming no matter what he does.  It’s happening now as I write.

Consumer Institute:  No details about clean-up in this area.


Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque:

An attack on an SAA checkpoint was a disaster.  All 5 terrorists killed.

  • Saami Haafezh
  • Khaleel ‘Abdul-Haqq

The other 3 were Jordanian Salafists.


West of Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery: No details about 2 terrorists firing at civilians clamoring to vote.


West of Al-Yarmouk School:  No details about skirmishing.


Umm Al-Daraj Well in Al-Bajaabiha Quarter:  3 terrorists were turned in by locals to the police.  When the terrorists fired at the P.D., the SAA came in and killed all of them with one grenade.  I have no names.


Gharz Prison area:  SAA supported by helicopter gunship killed a pack of terrorists.  No more details available.


South of Art Institute:  2 terrorists killed.  No names.


Khirbat Humaan:  Fighting with no details.


Tal Al-‘Ulaaqiyya to Tal ‘Antar:  An SAA battalion surrounded and snuffed 17 area terrorists and their foreign confederates.  No survivors:

  • Muhammad Al-Samad
  • Hassan Al-Asmar
  • ‘Abdul-Mun’im Fayyaadh
  • ‘Ali Habbooshi

The rest were not identified.  Many certainly foreign.


Jadal near the Western School:  A flatbed with a 23mm cannon was destroyed and both terrorists in it killed:

  • Ghiyaath Saadeq
  • Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Saater


Southwest Jamra:  Another pickup with a 23mm cannon was stopped.  No details.


Jidya:  An infiltration at a checkpoint was squelched by alert SAA regulars.  No details.


Al-Wa’ra west of Al-Sharaa`e’:  2 terrorists killed trying to hide their weapons:

  • Issaam Bilaal
  • Waheed Kubaysi


Umm Hawraan North:  A van with terrorists destroyed.  I have no details.


‘Itmaan:  Skirmishig with no details.


Between Jaassem and Inkhil: 20 or more terrorists killed by SAA and SAAF.  No names.





This Miami Herald is becoming impressive for its seeming independence:

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