Abu Hurayra Al-Amreeki

“Abu Hurayra Al-Amreeki”, with his daytime snack curled up in his arms,  beams for the camera in anticipation of his short trip to Purgatory.  This poor runt is mildly retarded and fell for the allure of dying in a cause espoused by the Nusra organization.

We don’t know his real name yet.  The U.S. government pretends to know it, but, has declined to announce the name until his closest kin are informed.  We fear that the news will not be absorbed in the traditional way.  Our sources have revealed that this young man was probably encouraged to leave the U.S. by a fanatical “Islamist” clergyman in New Jersey (it is believed) acting as a “daa’iya” and recruiter.  The FBI is now involved in an intense investigation of this man’s background and his acquaintances.  His family may have not objected due to his mental incapacities which have caused them all kinds of grief.  This information is still in the developing stages and cannot be taken as absolutely true.

The selection of the name “Abu Hurayra” says much about the cynical barbarians who handled and prepared this murderer for self-immolation.   The photo seen above shows a young man with an affection for cats.  The name “Abu Hurayra” means “one who cares for cats”.  Interestingly, the real figure of ‘Abdul-Rahmaan bin Sakhr Al-Azdi (603-681 C.E.), born ‘Abdul-Shams bin Sakhr, was a Yemeni from the coastal region who joined the Messenger Muhammad early on in his career when he was in Mecca.  He is credited with having a very strong memory that enabled him to remember an alleged 5,000+ “hadiths” of the Messenger Muhammad Abu Al-Qaassem.  Shi’a tradition establishes him as a professional liar who fashioned sayings of Muhammad in order to support the usurper Caliph Mu’aawiya Ibn Abi Sufyaan, the first Umayyad Caliph.  Sunnis vehemently refute the accusations and consider him most reliable.

The information we have received at SyrPer confirms that this American angel of slaughter was mentally infirm and easy to manipulate.  Just north of Khaan Shaykhoon, on May 25, 2014, MI monitored Nusra terrorist operations including the arming of the armored truck in which this American was to drive and detonate at an SAA checkpoint.  He was accompanied by 3 other trucks driven by a Turkmenistani, a Syrian and a Maldives native.  Inside his truck was the equivalent of 16 tons of explosives.

He blew himself up and his confederates.  He was attacked by SAA before he could reach his goal  He is now atoms spread across the countryside.

That is the information I have received to date.     



Mark the Brit sends this light-hearted accent on the famous Scottish burr:

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