Al-Maleeha Farms:

The battle to clear this town and its rural environs is now limited to the northern fringes with mostly foreign terrorists struggling to stay alive in the hope some rescuer will arrive soon.  Last night, these terrorist vultures were exterminated:

  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Zarqaawi (JORDANIAN CAMEL FLEA)
  • Qaadri Al-Shaykh Baaker (CHECHEN TAPE WORM EXCREMENT. Id pending)
  • Lawrence Al-Baashqaati (TURK INTELLIGENCE OFFICER AND RENAL EXUDATE. Id pending)
  • ‘Ammaar Al-Toot (Toot, toot, ‘alaa Bayroot)

Weapons and ammunition were seized with no details.




A massive operation is underway, as we wrote, directed mostly at the eastern entryways. Yesterday, the zone-by-zone strategy paid off with a substantial amount of weapons seized.  Those killed yesterday were identified as:

  • ‘Imaad Matar
  • Maajed Jawhar
  • Muhammad ‘Umar Juhaa
  • Habeeb Mustafaa Al-‘Ali
  • Dhiyaa` Kharroob
  • ‘Abdul-Waarith Hasswa   
  • Riyaadh Ahmad
  • Saleem ‘Atwa

Another 17 could not be identified and are presumed foreign.


‘Adraa Town:  At the Hujr bin ‘Udayy Shrine, the Jabhat Al-Islam lost 6 of its favorite terrorists when they smelled cheese and gathered around a snare.  All the terrorists were determined to be non-Syrian.  No names.



A nest of vipers was stepped on by SAA boots and crushed.  Monzer has no details.



Khaan Al-Shaykh:

A modest nest of vermin surrendered yesterday and pleaded for clemency by way of the Amnesty Program.  They were 7 in number and all from the area.



At Dayr Muqrin Village and Afrah Road,  SAA killed 3 terrorists and took 9 prisoner. Some wanted to join the NDF for fight the foreign plague.  No details.


East Al-Ruhayba

in northeast Damascus:  SAA killed an undisclosed number of terrorists and took wounded prisoners. No details.


Al-‘Aaliya Farms:

A nest of Nusra terrorists was rousted and demolished by the SAA and NDF.  Weapons and ammo were seized for use against MERS infected Saudi lepers.  No details.


Al-Batraa` Quarries in Jayrood area:

Fighting on-going with no details.


Al-Ghaydha Bridge and Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:

Fighting continuing as SAA about to make major breakthrough in cutting off all lines of support to Al-Maleeha.  Major turning point here as Monzer reports “tens of terrorists surrendering”.


The Thylacine sends this no-holds-barred article demolishing the argument about Sarin use. Read this Obama!


Shin sends this one from Global Research wiping the floor with Obama and Bolton together:


The Watcher sends these spectacular photos of post-apocalyptic Homs.  A must-see:

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