توثيق مقتل أكثر من 1900 إرهابي تونسي في سورية

Remember the big Southern Front that was coming?  Sure you do.  It was mentioned like some secret incantation to conjure up Big Satan himself for a Black Sabbath hosted by Bandar and Erdoghan.  It was being prepared by “professional” CIA independent contractors in Mafraq, Jordan and was to explode on the scene in Der’ah as a prelude to the eventual assault on Damascus, the Eternal Capital and Assadist seat of power.  It was going to be glorious until somebody in Amman found out about the Big Surprise that kiboshed the whole enterprise.  But, today in the nearby Zionist Settler Khazar State, there is a renewal of the plan with Jewish brains behind it.  The Saudis are so delighted that the enemy has taken over the portfolio that talk of recognition and joint projects is being mentioned susurrantly as though to provoke even more talk of Arabian political treachery in the shivering halls of Damascus. The Golan campaign has even mid-wifed an Erdoghan-Mileikowski truce with even more talk of cooperation in trade, military matters and war crimes.  Yes, the big dream of the Big Southern Front, like so much stardust – like so much Fool’s Gold – has gone the way of the Pogo Stick.

But the problem is that the Big Southern Front is truly a Big Disastrous Flop!

Why on Saturday the head of the “Military Council of Der’ah” (yawn) was arrested by the American-supported Nusra Al-Qaeda gang because he had the audacity to suggest that he was the leader of a secular organization committed to eradicating the Takfeeris.  The U.S. would have none of that and ordered the Alqaeda allies to arrest him.  The U.S. not only supports Alqaeda today, it even supports Hitler!!  (Read Penny’s article, below).

Al-Waaridaat Bridge:

Smart MI people spotted IEDs on the bridge and called in engineers to remove them.  The IEDs had payloads of 30-35 kgs and were detonated by remote control. Unfortunately for the terrorists, a new technology available to the SAA blocked transmission of the signal to the IEDs and the plans turned out to be a big SNAFU.  SAA pursued the nearby terrorist but he evaded capture.  Monzer says the U.S. is working on a counter-technology to enable the Alqaeda terrorists to kill innocent Syrian civilians.

Der’ah City:

At the Art Institute, 1 pickup festooned with the usual 23mm cannon was destroyed.  Both terrorists were killed.

At the Journalists Building, a skirmish led to 1 dead terrorist and 3 taken prisoner.

Slaughterhouse area east of Al-Bihaar, report of fighting with no details.

Al-Bajaabija Quarter:  Ditto.

Naaziheen Camp: Near the Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery and Al-Hussayn Mosque, the SAA attacked a group of terrorists and killed 7 of them.  No names.

Al-Karak Quarter: A warehouse was invaded by SAA and all weapons and ammunition turned over to NDF for use in killing Saudi terrorists


‘Itmaan:  A warehouse was raided and emptied.  All RPGs and light assault weapons confiscated.


Itmaan Dam Road to the west:  Fighting with no details.


Khirbat Ju’ayliyya west of Shaykh Miskeen:  17 terrorists were killed from Al-Nusra and 8 taken prisoner in various states of physical distress.  No names.  Also an attempted infiltration into Tal Hamad was foiled with 5 confirmed terrorist deaths.


Al-Mool East in Al-Nu’ayma: More fighting. No details.


Al-Mutilla south:  At the Al-Darakhaani Mosque, 7 terrorists killed.  No word of survivors.


Al-Zubayra:  Fighting intense with no details.


Rusoom Al-Dhahra in Al-Lijaat area:  26 foreign terrorists put down.  Many were Tunisians and Libyans.  No survivors.



on the Al-Shaykh Sa’eed Road and Al-Jubayla School Road south of Hameen Village, SAA set up an ambush and killed 19 terrorists:

  • ‘Umar Sha’alaan
  • Hassan Dargham
  • Muhammad Ibraaheem
  • Mustafaa Baraayez

No others were named.  It is believed the remaining terrorists were foreigners without papers.


Tal ‘Ashtara – Al-Teera:  Skirmishing with no details.



Fighting with no details.


Khuraab Al-Shahm:  On the West Road.  The SAA and SAAF put down 7 flatbeds each with a 23mm cannon.  Monzer saw the SANA photos at the site and he describes it as “alarming” (مروعة).


Inkhil – Jaassem Road: Fighting with no details.


Nisaaf Village in Al-Lijaat: Large number of jackals killed here.  No details.




Penny says Americans are starting to like Hitler, at least, when it comes to intervention in the Ukraine:

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