الجيش السوري يتقدم باتجاه القلمون بعد مقتل قائد بـ

The Western Press is at it again.  There is an effort to portray the terrorists as having gotten a “second wind” with reports of fantastic takeovers of SAA bases and armor – all the good stuff that makes traitors stand up and cheer for the Zionist Settler State.  But it’s all baseless.  In Idlib, for example, the terrorists are being annihilated.


We are delighted to announce the death last Tuesday of a Tunisian viper by the name of Hussein Al-Zurayqi. He was killed in Saraaqeb by the Syrian Army as he was hightailing it back to Turkey.  Our outstretched middle fingers to his miserable clan of degenerates near the capital of Tunis.


The SAA attacked a nest of terrorists to the north of this town and killed 11 with 2 taken prisoner.  All were non-Syrian.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase and Village: The terrorists are trying for a breakthrough to lift up their sagging morale and they are now shifting their attention to this airfield.  Since last Saturday, the attacks have been relentless, as our defenses have been robust and unbending.  No terrorist-stats available, but, we are getting reports of terrorist carcasses all over the perimeter of the base, rotting in the noon sun.  This attack on a very well-defended base demonstrates the Turkish obsession with Syria’s air defense system and the need to neutralize it before the next presidential elections in Turkey.  About 10km south of the Abu Dhuhoor base is the Tal Al-Ahmar Air Defense Base which has radar systems covering all the northwest air corridors the Turk pilots might use to create a “no-fly zone”.  What a joke.




The Nusra has assassinated the commander of the “Brigade of Assad-Ullaah Hamza” (yawn) whose real name is Waleed Al-Na’saan.  Some reports say he was only injured.


Jabal Al-Arba’een:  This area is totally under SAA control, but, jackals appear here and there on the outskirts.  Yesterday, SAA and NDF killed 8 terrorists and definitely wounded scores.  No details.


Kafr Haayaa:

These were Nusra criminals who skulked around this rural area looking for items to steal.  All 6 were wiped out by SAA:

  • ‘Azeez Khalloof
  • Muhammad Mashlab
  • Raadhi Fahss
  • Muhammad ‘Aashoor
  • ‘Adnaan Al-Zaynaati
  • ‘Amr Jallu



Big operation lands huge warehouse filled with Turkish-supplied arms.  Reports are that the terrorists inside the warehouse surrendered and gave testimony to security services about where the weapons and arms came from.  The impression Wael has is that the weapons were bought by the Saudi apes and given to the Turks to distribute.  The terrorists inside belonged to Jihad Al-Islam.  WE WANT TO THANK PRINCE CHIMPANZEE IBN SAUD FOR THIS GREAT GIFT TO OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE FORCES, ARAB NATIONALIST GUARD AND THE VARIOUS PEOPLE’S MILITIAS. HOW COULD WE DO ALL THIS WITHOUT YOU?


Sarjaa:  Fighting here with no details.



NDF killed 2 terrorists in a safe house and seized all weapons and communication equipment.

  • Mahmoud Shamandar (Beets me!)
  • Ilyaas Abu-Hassoon


Al-Rooj Plain:  Big ambush nets 24 confirmed dead terrorists.  The army is collecting information about their nationalities.  It appears, so far, they are all foreign with some Saudis and Turks.


Maar ‘Ayyaan Village:  No details about fighting here.


Al-Raami Village:  Ditto.


Al-Jubb Al-Ahmar in the western mountains:  SAA arrested 9 terrorists and turned them over to security.


Jadraayaa:  Fighting with no details.  Helicopters reportedly used to snuff out terrorist population.


Tal Salmu:  About to fall to SAA completely.  No details available about new SAA maneuvers in this area.


Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:

Why the terrorists try to cling on to every little bit of this town, the birthplace and resting place of one the Arab World’s greatest poets and philosophers, is anybody’s guess.  Last Saturday, they lost 48 terrorists in combat with the SAA.  All the terrorists here were foreigners, many from Tunisia and Libya.  Wael says a Yemeni was identified among the dead by his appearance and the narcotic, Qaat, in his cargo pockets.

They beheaded the bust of Abu Al-‘Alaa` Al-Ma’arri in his hometown. How can these stinking Brits and French support a movement of savages and cannibals who would desecrate the grave of one of the world’s most accomplished poets and freethinkers?  If a vengeful God exists, we prays he burn Cameron, Obama and Hollande in the Eternal Furnace of Hell!


Ma’arrat Shamsa:  An abandoned but copious warehouse was invaded and its contents seized by SAA.    


Fighting also reported here with no details. Al-Haamidiyya, Khaan Al-Subul, Al-Inshaa`aat North.



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